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Learning To Listen

Joan CartwrightListening requires stillness. Of all the questions students have asked their parents, teachers and masters, “Who Am I?” and “How do I know?” are at the top of the list.The answer is to be still. But people are rarely ready to do that. So, there must be a way to get people to listen and enjoy the experience. Music is one way. People will listen to music. They may still be engaged in other activity but the hearing thing is in affect.

In the quiet. you hear all kinds of things. Mostly, you hear thoughts. Your own thoughts and the words of others that resulted from their thoughts about things. Quietly, you can decipher what conversations you need to be a part of. You may wish to lay out of most, once you know that they are not purposeful in your agenda.

We all have an agenda, goals, wishes, dreams that we each want fulfilled. I have a dream. You have a dream. Each of our dreams takes people to make it come to fruition. Every person’s dream takes other people to come true. Even if my dream is to sit absolutely still for 10 hours, that could be disrupted by another person, making my wish able to come true only if I am not distracted by another person.

Interacting with other people has its ups and downs and you must be able to tell which interactions are the ones for you. Discomfort is not the only means of detection. The ability for each person in the relationship to listen to the other has great bearing on the success of communication between the two people. There are several variables from gender to age, background to career choice, political and religious beliefs, education and lifestyle.

Of the nearly seven billion people on the planet, few are exactly alike. People tell each other, “We have a lot in common.” But truth is each person experiences life from a totally unique perspective and it is difficult to make people see things from your point of view. My point of view is just that – my point of view. We may be able to see the same shapes and colors but the feeling that a thing invokes is purely individual.

People believe that those who speak and know what they are talking about love to hear themselves talk. Quite the contrary, those people listen to others and themselves and are able to formulate an answer or conversation in a more cohesive and appropriate way. People, who don’t listen, often miss what’s being said and are trying to formulate answers when they have already been spoken by others but the chatterer was just not listening.

It’s those who know how to sit quietly, while others chatter on, that know there is a solution to a problem and will state it once everyone else is through hypothesizing. Listeners are usually on target because they have heard all the sides in the arguments of others. They can decipher what is sensible and discard what makes no sense. They are the arbitrators of happenstance. Listening is an Art and it takes lots of conscious practice.

For centuries, yogis and monks have practice quietude. Not speaking to others is one form of this practice. But really tuning into the sound of silence around you is an exercise that builds the listening muscle.

Joan CartwrightJoan Cartwright is the author of  The Moon, Sun Showers, Rainbows and Whipped Cream Clouds that discusses her spiritual journey.

Abundant Consciousness

Diva JC“Our subconscious mind cannot distinguish between reality and fantasy. Relax and retrieve the memories of when you paid bills with ease, recalling the positive feelings of plenty, well being, peace, security, freedom.” ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

In the Spirit of Abundant Consciousness, begin, today, to tell yourself that you have all that you need. Ask your angels to “Guard me against. . .the poverty of spirit that refuses to acknowledge what is daily given me.” ~ Gunilla Norris

According to Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach, the path to prosperity is:

  • Regular saving and sharing
  • Controlling spending
  • Living debt-free
  • Prudent investments
  • Protecting wealth from loss
  • Owning property
  • Establishing future income for old age
  • Increasing earning ability through perseverance

In a world where fraudulent credit card companies, investment bankers and mortgage brokers have more scams than you can count to take your money, it’s imperative to wake up and face the fact that ONLY YOU can guard your money because no one else will do it for you. Visit this blog FINANCIAL EXPERT REPORT that our friend, Monica Bailey has to help you with financial decisions.

Keep The Faith

Be fully aware that the Creator did not create you to let you go without. Enjoy every moment of your day from awakening to falling asleep, knowing that all you need is at hand. Remember that you are a human being, not a human doing. Wish others well and go your way in peace and quiet.

Learning to LISTEN is the best lesson you can learn because it enables you to enjoy the sound of the universe around you.  Just when you think you have nothing else to do, the Universe gives you an assignment. Open your ears, eyes and heart to the beauty around you and dwell in a place of solitude and quiet. Hear the twitter of birds, the laughter of children, the wisdom of the elderly and the song of the Universe.

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Love, Light and Music,

Diva JC

Divine Connections

Modern Zen is connected to Divine Connection Church.

Modern Zen Org  



Day by day, we humans are inspired to do many things during the course of our lives. Divine Connection Church is the result of several people suggesting that I should be a minister. As a professional musician, I am a minister of Music and have known, for years, that I heal many people when I sing.

On Sunday, October 17, 2011, at 1:00 a.m., I was chatting with two fellows who came to the restaurant where I was singing. I mentioned that people have said that I should have my own church. My response is always, “What would it be called?”

So, one of the young men said, “Divine Connection!”

Divine Connection Church

Thus, I now have Divine Connection Church (DCC)!

Enjoy the links and leave your comments.

Light and Love,
Diva Joan Cartwright

Natural Sailors

Frank and Audrey Peterman will set out on the journey of a lifetime, when they sail out of Cooley’s Landing in December.

Photo: Dudley Edmondson


The Nature of sailing is to move around the planet in your own time. The first time I heard the couple say their dream was to sail around the world, I remember believing them. It was many years ago and, now, they are about to shove off.

It will be the first time I consciously live vicariously through someone else. I’ll be listening out for their reports on different ports they hit and the lifestyle of the people they encounter. This is going to be real run!

Golden City of Light

Golden City of Light
By Diva Joan Cartwright

Let LOVE bring us back to Heaven
Back to the Music of the Spheres
Return to Perfection that forever swings
In the Cosmic Melody of Eternal Song

Life swings forever through Creation
To higher harmonies, transcendent spheres
To realms of conscious activity
Of Cosmic Joy, Love, Freedom and Perfection

Love ever expanding, Love ever blessing
Love ever active, Love in all Life
Joy ever being, Joy ever knowing
Joy ever living, Joy in our hearts

Ending woe, ending pain, ending misery, peaceful gain
We arise, facing the glorious Light in our God
Knowing well that the day of Eternity has arrived
When we all enter the Golden City of Light

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