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Golden City of Light

Golden City of Light
By Diva Joan Cartwright

Let LOVE bring us back to Heaven
Back to the Music of the Spheres
Return to Perfection that forever swings
In the Cosmic Melody of Eternal Song

Life swings forever through Creation
To higher harmonies, transcendent spheres
To realms of conscious activity
Of Cosmic Joy, Love, Freedom and Perfection

Love ever expanding, Love ever blessing
Love ever active, Love in all Life
Joy ever being, Joy ever knowing
Joy ever living, Joy in our hearts

Ending woe, ending pain, ending misery, peaceful gain
We arise, facing the glorious Light in our God
Knowing well that the day of Eternity has arrived
When we all enter the Golden City of Light

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One thought on “Golden City of Light

  1. For many years, I’ve studied the books listed under the ENLIGHTENMENT tab, in search of my personal divinity. I’ve learned that the more you look INSIDE, the more you learn about your relationship with those around you. When two friends of mine suggested I should start a church, I laughed out loud. However, after starting this blog, I’ve had insight into the fact that this is my true calling. Let’s see how things develop from here.

    Diva JC

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