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Success (11+11+2011=8)

11-11-11 What’s it all about?
Well, 33 = 6, Happiness. But don’t forget to add the 2!
11-11-2011=8 and 8=Success

Uriah T. Cartwright

Besides this being Veteran’s Day and having the pleasure of speaking with my father who won a Purple Heart in WWII and is 92 (9+2=11), the number 11 represents “Power”, while 11+11=22, which represents “Grace”.

Charlotte + Uriah Cartwright (both Army Vets)

Simple joys are those that make you appreciate life in its fullest. Success, then, for me is that which makes me feel appreciative. So, I appreciate my parents, who gave me life; my brother, who challenges my soul; my children, who enabled me to give them life; their children, who give me continuity; my friends, who give me solace; my associates, who give me things to think about; my talents that give me purpose; and my Mighty I AM Presence that enlightens me.

Diva JC and Christine Vitolo, National President of WIJSF, INC.

Also, for good measure, today, I was blessed with two tickets to a great concert, tonight from a member of my non-profit (www.wijsf.org), who, around 11:11 a.m., today, also agreed to serve as National President, giving us two Presidents: one International and one National! All in all, it’s a blessed day!

What does SUCCESS mean for you?

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