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DESTINY = Spirit in Word and Deed!


It is such a joy to have been born in December, when people are celebrating the end of the year.  2011 had its challenges, I must admit. However, triumph is a reason to celebrate. This year I accomplished the following:

  1. Produced four concerts at senior centers with Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc.’s Community Musicwomen through a $4,000  grant from Miami Beach Arts Gala (January 2011)
  2. Produced and released (Jan 3) a compilation CD Volume I with 10 fabulous female composers and Volume II is ready to be released in January 2012
  3. Won a $4,000 SEAS grant from Broward Schools to produce From Bebop to Doo Wop to Hip Hop with the Parkway Middle School Jazz Band and Vocal Ensemble who will perform four of my songs and one of Jus’ Cynthia’s songs arranged by Dr. Malcolm Black, and one song from Art Wilson, and Robin Avery and Paul Banman.
  4. Produced WIJSF’s Jazz For Peace Fundraiser at ArtServe on May 14, attended by over 100 supporters who enjoyed the music of Rick DellaRatta. We raised $3,000 ($1,100, after expenses).
  5. Increased WIJSF membership to 154
  6. Performed for and was a guest author of  Sisters in Harmony in Coconut Grove on July 26 with Jamila Sahar and Jus’ Cynthia and was co-host for their blogtalkradio show with guest authors.
  7. Published online monthly newsletters for WIJSF with 70 musicians
  8. Won three awards from Women’s Power Caucus (May 14), Women on Wings (Sept 24) and American Business Women’s Association of South Broward (Nov 9)
  9. Began (May 16) and completed two of 18 courses toward my PhD in Business Administration and Computer Technology and began work on my third course at Northcentral University (online).
  10. Began the work with a committee on Nov 29 to produce the South Atlantic Art & Food Festival in December 2012
  11. Acquired a Resolution from the City of Lauderhill for Fiuggi, Italy to become a Sister City and enabled Mayor Richard Kaplan and his wife to visit that city in June, where they met with Mayor Fabrizio Martini. This was a result of WIJSF’s association with Donne in Musica.
  12. Served as a Board Member of Lauderhill Sister Cities, created the blog and donated several books to the Haitian Book Drive
  13. Taught two students, Jackie Rodriguez and Joshua Kassar how to publish their books on http://www.lulu.com
  14. Started The Arts Reporter on Blogtalkradio and restarted Musicwoman online radio programs, partnering with my daughter Mimi Johnson for The Diva & Daughter Experience.
  15. Performed for Blacks Over 40 on an 8-day cruise on Carnival Freedom to St. Thomas, Antigua, Tortola and Nassau with Jamila Sahar, September 11-18. Had a ball!
  16. Performed with Jazz Hotline at Ciao Pasta & Grill for one month of Saturdays; for the third time for Grapes For Grades (Sept 23); and at MOCA (Oct 29)
  17. Performed for the Boys & Girls Fundraiser on Nov 19, thanks to Marika Guyton
  18. Sold $600 of my books to Phyl’s Academy
  19. Witnessed my brother Carlton’s marriage to Letitia Lewis on December 3
  20. Celebrated my father’s 92nd birthday (May 14) and my birthday (Dec 7) with friends on Dec 6 @ The Big Easy
  21. Contracted a New Year’s Eve gig at the Inverrary Hotel with my band and Robin Avery
  22. Submitted my paper Conscious Inclusion of Women Musicians to the Women in Music Symposium and Journal held Dec 4-5 in Serbia and writing treatments for a TV Reality Show with my daughter, Mimi Johnson.
  23. Paid my monthly bills on time!
  24. Created this blog for Divine Connection Church

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