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Vision for Miracles

This month, I had several miracles happen. I’m not going to detail each one but I know that they happened. Then, today, I got this Vision for Miracles in my email box.

What miracles are you envisioning?

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The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Miracles

We see a world where the diseased and disabled are healed in every way; where broken hearts are made whole again; where ancient wounds are washed away; where minds are opened to the honoring of all perceptions; and where we manifest our dreams and desires at will.

We see a world where our collective evolution has come to the point where people are able to heal one another in an instant; where there are so many healers walking among us that everyone who chooses healing and rejuvenation for themself has it.

Thus, we see a world full of people operating at peak proficiency, making precise and perfect use of the energy that is available to them. We are masters of miracle-making, one and all. Wellness, comfort, love and joy abound now that we are healed and whole.


Somehow, I always thought I’d be less stressed in my sixties. Just not true. I have so much on my plate and other people are always trying to pile their stuff on my plate, too. I have come to realize that the best word in ANY language is “NO”! Being firm with people who try to pull me into their lifestyle, projects, drama or whatever, is something I’m becoming adept at.

People always think their projects are urgent and should be your priority, too. It just doesn’t always work that way. Each of us is absorbed in our own goals and activities. It’s unfair to think that others have the same focus as I do. However, when you say “No” many seem to think it’s an opportunity to downgrade you and what you do. That’s just not acceptable.

There is no way that any of us can attend to every whim of every family member, friend, associate or business colleague. It cannot be done. So, trim-lining my activity is what I work on daily. As a student (Ph.D.), executive director of a non-profit (www.wijsf.org), an entertainer (Gigs) and businesswoman (fyicomminc), I am already overwhelmed with my own work that includes maintaining three websites, several blogs, membership information, scheduling and hosting radio shows, doing homework, performing, attending meeting of various organizations I belong to, and an array of other responsibilities.

I find it disturbing that people cannot just say, “I understand you’re busy!” especially when they seem to think that they are busier than I am.

So, I must stick to my guns and use the N word as often as I feel I must! And I must learn to take time to relax from all that I am inundated with.

Diva JC

I Believe

Diva JC

Like A Locomotive
By Diva Joan Cartwright

My brain starts movin’ like a locomotive
My heart starts pumpin’ like a drill
My feet start tappin’, jumpin’ all around
I made a 360 degree turn

Boo! don’t bother me
I see it like it is
You don’t bother me
I’m doin’ what God wills
I’m livin’ like God wills.

I’m on the lighter side of salvation
I know what I believe
That I’m living life like it’s given to me
By a Higher Power still

I’m goin’ what God wills
I’m livin’ like God wills it to be
I’m livin’ like God wills
I’m on the lighter side of the hill.

A Vision for Trusting the Universe

We see a world where we have looked at the past long enough to know that we have always been taken care of; that the food, clothing, shelter and experiences we needed have always come to us; and that the Highest Good has always been active in our lives. We see that the only things which brought unhappiness, discomfort and suffering to us were of our own making, and that, now, we can truly let go and let the Universe take care of us as She sees fit.

Accordingly, we are no longer struggling, stressing or striving because we are trusting in the Universe to bring us everything we need in the exact moment that we need it, or before. We accept what we have, create what we choose, and give thanks for it all. This is the path that leads to freedom and all good things.

The School Yard

Joan Cartwright - Photo: Leo Reinfeld

Today, I’m reflecting on my life even more than I was a few weeks ago simply because of the transition of three people who left an indelible mark on my life:

  • Macarldie, Steel Pan player from Tortola, V.I.
  • Don Cornelius of SOUL TRAIN
  • Whitney Houston, world-renowned vocalist

Are we ever ready for death? It’s neither here nor there because the moment we pop out of our mother’s womb, we’re on the road to finality.

What is my relationship with death? I’ve seen those I love make the transition but I don’t seem to understand that it’s in the cards for me, as well.

Life is an illusion.  There’s a veil between living and dying.  Many fear the thought of leaving the planet.  But, somehow, I don’t quivver at the thought at all.  I remember flying from Cote Ivoire to Gambia, sitting next to a young, white man.  The wind caused such turbulence that I grasped his hand and trembled in fear.

Why are we so fearful of dying?  Is it because we don’t know what’s on the other side?  I’ve often said that Jesus was the only person to come back and he said, “This ain’t it, ya’ll!”

If that’s the case, then why do we so dread that last and final moment? No one has come back.  No one seems to care about coming back to Earth, the school yard where we learn to tolerate other people and love them and ourselves.

Learning to love yourself is the greatest gift of all. ~ Whitney Houston

So, once you learn the lesson(s) of patience, tolerance and love, is it OK to take your own life?  What makes people like Don Cornelius (SOUL TRAIN) just give up and take a gun and blow his brains out?  I don’t think I have that kind of strength.  I mean it must take strength to shoot yourself.  My threshold for pain is way too low for that kind of activity.

Basically, I believe we live until we die.  I’m not scared of dying from a disease or being hit by a bus or a crazy drive by hoodlum.  I’m scared of living so long that everything on my body is about to scrape the floor.  I’m scared of living longer than my children and being all alone.  Then, there’s my Dad who will be 93 in May.  He seems to have found the key to living a happy and fulfilling life, although he claims he has the lock but not the key! LOL

Life, for me, is about being happy, being useful, doing, bringing joy to and out of other people.  Laughter is the elixir of life!  Until I die, I’d like to be able to laugh every single day about something silly, comical, funny, happy, tickly, whatever, every day, I need a good laugh.  That makes living all worth it.

Diva JC

Shining Through

Although Spirit has the best opportunity to shine through me, when I’m in solitude, unencumbered by the outside world of people, traffic and material things, it is when I’m out in public that my Light really shines.  This may seem a bit opposite of what we’re taught to believe – Be in the World but not of it!

However, it is when I’m with other people that my True Self is able to express the joy I have from being who I AM.  As a musician, my purpose is to bring joy to and out of other people.  I don’t do that so well, sitting in my living room or at my desk.  It’s when I expand my day or evening by stepping out of my comfort zone into the world around me and interact with other souls, who are striving to fulfill their soul purpose.

Herman Hesse wrote about the young ascetic Siddhartha, who left the comfort of his Brahman family and home to travel with his best friend Govinda in search of Buddha.  They lived the life of yogis, begging for food and meditating most of the day.  Finally, Siddhartha realized that he needed to return to the world of men in order to fulfill another part of himself. He became a wealthy merchant, high respected in his community. Then, he fell in love with a very popular and high-priced courtesan, who eventually fell in love with him and gave birth to a son, a rare event, indeed.  When she died, their son became Siddhartha’s responsibility.  In his teens, the son was extremely rebellious and ran away, causing Siddhartha much grief (much the same as he caused his own father, when he went off with Govinda).  In the final chapter, Siddhartha switches places with the ferryman, whose life once seemed so useless to Siddhartha.  But he learned that simplicity was at the foundation of crossing the river several times a day and he led this life until his demise.

I read Hesse’s little book several times over the course of my own life, which has been filled with lots of adventure and accomplishment.  For the last five years, it’s been my pleasure to stay at home as much as possible and enjoy the benefits of living in solitude.  Of course, I have my cell phone that rings a fair amount of times per day.  I use the computer to reach out to the world without having to meet people face to face. And, when my life calls for it, I go out to meetings and events, especially those that I’m involved with for musical performance.

Africa & Sharon of Princes II King - Big Bros. Unite

And it is those times when I don’t want to go out at all that a light goes on.  For example, last night, I went to a bowling alley to support Sharon Major-Hughes,  who works with at-risk boys.  It cost me $15 and I really had no desire to go out and really didn’t have an extra $15 to spend. But I went anyway.  Besides being warmly greeted by Sharon and her sister Africa, I met a lovely woman Paulette, who suffered from having a knee replacement.  I met an old friend, who is politically active.

Young man is a fine artist

Then, four of the young people that Sharon works with in her organization Princes II Kings came over to my table and personally thanked each of us for coming out to support them.  This made my heart feel good and I am happy that I stepped out of my comfort zone to let my Light shine through.

Diva JC


Breathe a huge sigh of relief

Be fearless

Explore the Present Moment

See where that takes you.


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