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I Believe

Diva JC

Like A Locomotive
By Diva Joan Cartwright

My brain starts movin’ like a locomotive
My heart starts pumpin’ like a drill
My feet start tappin’, jumpin’ all around
I made a 360 degree turn

Boo! don’t bother me
I see it like it is
You don’t bother me
I’m doin’ what God wills
I’m livin’ like God wills.

I’m on the lighter side of salvation
I know what I believe
That I’m living life like it’s given to me
By a Higher Power still

I’m goin’ what God wills
I’m livin’ like God wills it to be
I’m livin’ like God wills
I’m on the lighter side of the hill.

A Vision for Trusting the Universe

We see a world where we have looked at the past long enough to know that we have always been taken care of; that the food, clothing, shelter and experiences we needed have always come to us; and that the Highest Good has always been active in our lives. We see that the only things which brought unhappiness, discomfort and suffering to us were of our own making, and that, now, we can truly let go and let the Universe take care of us as She sees fit.

Accordingly, we are no longer struggling, stressing or striving because we are trusting in the Universe to bring us everything we need in the exact moment that we need it, or before. We accept what we have, create what we choose, and give thanks for it all. This is the path that leads to freedom and all good things.


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