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Somehow, I always thought I’d be less stressed in my sixties. Just not true. I have so much on my plate and other people are always trying to pile their stuff on my plate, too. I have come to realize that the best word in ANY language is “NO”! Being firm with people who try to pull me into their lifestyle, projects, drama or whatever, is something I’m becoming adept at.

People always think their projects are urgent and should be your priority, too. It just doesn’t always work that way. Each of us is absorbed in our own goals and activities. It’s unfair to think that others have the same focus as I do. However, when you say “No” many seem to think it’s an opportunity to downgrade you and what you do. That’s just not acceptable.

There is no way that any of us can attend to every whim of every family member, friend, associate or business colleague. It cannot be done. So, trim-lining my activity is what I work on daily. As a student (Ph.D.), executive director of a non-profit (www.wijsf.org), an entertainer (Gigs) and businesswoman (fyicomminc), I am already overwhelmed with my own work that includes maintaining three websites, several blogs, membership information, scheduling and hosting radio shows, doing homework, performing, attending meeting of various organizations I belong to, and an array of other responsibilities.

I find it disturbing that people cannot just say, “I understand you’re busy!” especially when they seem to think that they are busier than I am.

So, I must stick to my guns and use the N word as often as I feel I must! And I must learn to take time to relax from all that I am inundated with.

Diva JC


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