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Vision for Miracles

This month, I had several miracles happen. I’m not going to detail each one but I know that they happened. Then, today, I got this Vision for Miracles in my email box.

What miracles are you envisioning?

* * * * * * * * *

The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Miracles

We see a world where the diseased and disabled are healed in every way; where broken hearts are made whole again; where ancient wounds are washed away; where minds are opened to the honoring of all perceptions; and where we manifest our dreams and desires at will.

We see a world where our collective evolution has come to the point where people are able to heal one another in an instant; where there are so many healers walking among us that everyone who chooses healing and rejuvenation for themself has it.

Thus, we see a world full of people operating at peak proficiency, making precise and perfect use of the energy that is available to them. We are masters of miracle-making, one and all. Wellness, comfort, love and joy abound now that we are healed and whole.


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