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A New Day

As a subscriber to the Vision Alignment Project, I receive several visions a month from other subscribers. Each new day, these visions spur me on to think positively about life and the people around me. The one below motivated me to think about all the blessings I already have – family, home, friends, career, education, opportunities, etc. Most of all, it reminds me to recognize that, as I am a product of Creation, I am always being taken care of in the best way possible. It is my inherent right to peace, joy, love, happiness, wealth, abundance, prosperity and to have everything I need exactly when I need it. This vision of Divine Inheritance awakened in me the confidence I need to move forward with my life in ways that I know will enable me to be successful and a bright light for those who are lost. ~ Diva JC

A Vision for Receiving Our Divine Inheritance

The Vision for today was sent in to us from our Mayan Calendar Kin, Melovia. In responding to her, Pam said, “This Vision is so beautiful and the way you describe it, attainable and delightful! Thank you!” We intend that it inspires you as much as it inspired us.

As we have done our own work in awakening to a Higher Truth, healing our misconceptions and dealing with the inevitable results of our misqualified and misdirected energy (conscious or unconscious), together let us Envision and Intend that we are now able to call forth and open to receive our Divine Inheritance of everything that we could ever desire or require to fulfill our greatest visions for ourselves, the Earth and All Life.

This can be made manifest through any number of possible means, limited only by our imagination! This is our own inheritance, remember, not someone else’s. It already exists and need not be exacted at any price from our brothers and sisters or the Earth or any of Her Kingdoms. How gratifying (and fun!) it will be to see this new Currency of Love flooding the World in the hands of Lightworkers who know what to do with it and use it Joyfully and Constructively for the Highest Good of All That Is!!!

With vast oceans of Love, Gratitude and Appreciation for your Visionary Leadership!
In lak’ech ala Kin
Red Crystal Moon 129


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