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Golden Treasure

What I have right now

That which is in my hands

In my eyesight and hearing range

I appreciate running water

I love the lake, the sounds of birds

The sound of the fridge that others may not even have

I have a roof and I’m kept by my Mighty I Am Presence

I appreciate ALL that is at my reach

ALL power, ALL love, ALL!!

~ Diva JC




Reinventing, Again!

Today, I must reinvent myself, yet one more time! The plans I had didn’t work out.  That’s because I relied on other people.  It’s lovely to think that you can do it all yourself but reality sits in quickly, when you try to do just that.  So, it’s an inherent part of life to base your dreams and plans on the good graciousness of others.  Sometimes, though, that doesn’t make it happen.  So, this reading from The Vision Alighnment Project helped me decide to rethink my purpose, mission, cause, plan, etc., etc., etc.,

Never give up but learn to give in. Give in to the perpetual flow of love deep inside all of us – the “God Spark”  Carry the fire to all that you do.  Warm the hearts of those you think of, talk to, and touch.  I in-vision a world where we know with absolute certainty that we are the co creators. ~ Dean Sanna of Portland, OR.

Someone once told me that as long as I don’t anticipate the actions of others, I won’t be disappointed. As a musician, who produces concerts that people sometimes do not come to, it’s difficult to not anticipate that people will come. You publicize the event with the hopes that people come. Weather and money are two variables that dictate whether people come or not. If it’s raining during the event, it’s likely that a certain percentage of people who planned to come may not come. If people are in a recession another problem deters their coming.

You don’t know, when you’re planning cultural events, if they will be supported, especially in South Florida, where weather is a huge deciding factor. So, after two disappointing projects – Jazz @ MCC and Conscious Inclusion of Women Musicians, I must go back to the drawing board and redesign myself for my next triumph, which, of course, is inevitable simply because I AM a co-Creator with the Universe!

Diva JC


Chilly April morning

Soaking hardened feet

Drinking healthy fruit shake

Letting my pen speak

Listening to the silence

Broken by train whistles

Feeling undecided

About the life I’m living

All is well. All is good.

Nothing to get riled about

Trusting my Creator

Knowing I am safe

Loving life, ignoring strife

This is a good day!

Diva JC

Jesus People

As a person with the initials JC, I’ve always felt connected to Jesus Christ, who, according to the tax roles was really Jesus of Nazareth. He became a Christed Being after studying Kryia Yoga in India. He became Buddha, Krishna Conscious and Sainted. He is an Ascended Being and I claim my ascension now. ~ Diva JC

The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Plentiful Food
The Vision for today was inspired by our friend, Avivit Dimor, who alerted us to the unconscionable situation in the Horn of Africa. Thanks, Av. Here’s our Vision.

We see a world where all people, from the Horn of Africa to inner city America, have access to all the healthy, nutritious food they need for life and its complete enjoyment. We see the happy faces of children whose bellies are full. We see the Spirit of the people revived because we are now making absolutely sure that everyone on this abundant planet has more than enough to eat at all times.

And we see a world where we have truly come together as One for the purpose of growing, providing, and distributing food to every living being in every corner of the globe.

The Hunger Site on FB

The Hunger Site


Identity: Passport To Success
by Stedman Graham aligns with my ideal that knowing your purpose and reinventing yourself on a regular basis is the key to life.

The voices of women are so important in this day and age. But Stedman Graham hits the proverbial nail on the head, when he contends that everyone must be able to hear their inner voice in order to attain anything in life.

As Executive Director of Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc., Joan Cartwright’s mission is to promote the voices of women musicians and men who support them.  This month, she’s raising funds to go to Romania to present her paper “Conscious Inclusion of Women Musicians” that discusses the importance of hearing the message of women musicians.

You can donate to this project that will take place May 15-31, 2012, in Romania, Italy and Switzerland, by clicking her name – Diva JC

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