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Reinventing, Again!

Today, I must reinvent myself, yet one more time! The plans I had didn’t work out.  That’s because I relied on other people.  It’s lovely to think that you can do it all yourself but reality sits in quickly, when you try to do just that.  So, it’s an inherent part of life to base your dreams and plans on the good graciousness of others.  Sometimes, though, that doesn’t make it happen.  So, this reading from The Vision Alighnment Project helped me decide to rethink my purpose, mission, cause, plan, etc., etc., etc.,

Never give up but learn to give in. Give in to the perpetual flow of love deep inside all of us – the “God Spark”  Carry the fire to all that you do.  Warm the hearts of those you think of, talk to, and touch.  I in-vision a world where we know with absolute certainty that we are the co creators. ~ Dean Sanna of Portland, OR.

Someone once told me that as long as I don’t anticipate the actions of others, I won’t be disappointed. As a musician, who produces concerts that people sometimes do not come to, it’s difficult to not anticipate that people will come. You publicize the event with the hopes that people come. Weather and money are two variables that dictate whether people come or not. If it’s raining during the event, it’s likely that a certain percentage of people who planned to come may not come. If people are in a recession another problem deters their coming.

You don’t know, when you’re planning cultural events, if they will be supported, especially in South Florida, where weather is a huge deciding factor. So, after two disappointing projects – Jazz @ MCC and Conscious Inclusion of Women Musicians, I must go back to the drawing board and redesign myself for my next triumph, which, of course, is inevitable simply because I AM a co-Creator with the Universe!

Diva JC


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