Divine Connection Church

DESTINY = Spirit in Word and Deed!

Perfect Electronic Body

How the I AM works

For Intelligence to act, there must be Intelligence to be acted upon; and the Universal Substance, being like a photographic film, takes the record of whatever quality the individual imposes upon It through his thought, feeling, and spoken word.  The Words, I AM, whether though, felt, or spoken, release the Power of Creation instantly.  Make no mistake about this.  Intelligence is Omnipresent, and It is within the Electronic Light.

When you use the Dazzling White Light, you are actually accepting the Electronic Structure which is then present in manifestation, for you are acting from the Plane of Action, or Perfect Manifestation.  Your desire, when held steady, unwaveringly, becomes the Conscious Thought directing, for you cannot have a desire without Conscious Thought in the desire (King G.R. (1935). The Magic Presence. St. Germain Press. Pp. 91-93.)

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