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I AM Mighty!

As proof of the fact that each and every soul has God-Potential, I AM quoting from my reading this morning:

“When Saint Germain stepped forward, Bob would have kneeled before Him.

“No, Bob,” He said, raising His hand in protest, “your own ‘Indwelling I AM Presence’ is just as Great as the Ascended Masters who have found the way before you to complete Mastery and Freedom. To It belongs your First Love, Recognition, and Worship at all times – never forget that. ‘I AM’ your Elder Brother, that is all; and it is My Privilege to assist you to that same Freedom.  It is at the Command of your own ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ that you are enabled to be here in this manner tonight. It is always a joy to be of any assistance that the Great Law of your Being permits” (The Magic Presence, 2004, p. 112)

Any minister that teaches that you are supposed to praise another Ascended Master is teaching a fallacy.  1 Corinthians 19 What, know ye not that your body is the Temple of the holy Ghost which is in you, which yee haue of God, and ye are not your owne?

For centuries, men have tried to convince others that they are nothing but chattel, slaves that should praise men. This is NOT truth.

I AM assured that I AM the temple of GOD/Goddess/All That Is.  This is why I AM always working to fulfill the dreams I dream.

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