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Understanding The Shift

At the turn of the millennium, in 2000, all psychics were given the directive to guard their work of advising people what to do with their lives. In the hustle and bustle of life in the New Age, psychics must know that “Warding and shielding refer to energetic means of protection — generally, building psychic filters and barriers. You can create a bubble of white light around yourself” [Source]

The reason for this energetic shift is that each individual, formerly ruled by the Law of Karma in previous centuries, is urged to choose the way of Dharma in this new millennium. Here’s why:

Karma is a male (not to be confused with man’s) approach to life and is represented by the number 5 (learning about yourself through the 5 senses). A classic image of karma in a dream is somebody looking into a black mirror. In a symbolic sense this represents negativity reflecting back onto itself. Dharma is a female approach to life and is represented in dreams by the number 6 (having gone beyond the 5 senses). [Source]

While Karma is “material activities subject to reaction,” Dharma is “the capacity to render service, which is the essential quality of a living being” Srimad Ghagavatam, 1972, p. 340-341.

Each of us is responsible for our own spiritual development, return to Godhead.  St. Germain taught that “The more one studies Life and contemplates Perfection, the less he struggles with people and things, and the more he adores the ‘God Presence’; for one who worships Perfection must of necessity become That upon which his attention rests” The Magic Presence, 2004, p. 273.

Dharma is also known as a state of grace by the Church or Christ Consciousness in New Age literature. On this path you choose your avenues in life because you are consciously aware of what is best from your soul’s perspective. The choices made are not always logical or understandable by those on the karmic path. Both paths will ultimately lead to the same place but Dharma is by far the quickest. It is not chosen as much by souls entering the planet because it requires a compassionate heart and a strong spiritual connection. Through work on balancing your male and female energies you can switch to dharma but it can still seem confusing at times. Trust in your guides and the flow of life is essential. [Source]

The qualities of a person or state that chooses the path of Dharma are simply “Not coveting; not-malice-bearing; right-mindfulness; right-concentration.” [Source] It’s not rocket science nor is it dogma.

One is not a Christian by reason of wearing a cross, or a Brahmin by wearing the sacred thread. This is an important point of practical value. . . .Who is a Christian? He who goes to church and wears a cross, yet breaks the grand ethical tenets of the Sermon on the Mount? Or he who regardless of churches practises the ethics of Jesus? The world today needs more than ever to follow the way of the True Religion. Let people practise the Religion of Life, true Dhamma, and prosperity of every kind will follow most naturally. [Source]

“When mankind fills the outer activity of the mind with thoughts and feelings of Perfection, the bodies and affairs of humanity will bring into the outer that order and Perfection also. The more we understand Life and Perfection, the simpler all becomes, until we have to do only one thing and do it all the time: fill our thought and feeling with Divine Love always.

“Life never struggles, for that which struggles is the consciousness which attempts to limit Life, and is but the interference with the Perfection which is forever trying to come through. (Think of a rose unfolding or a butterfly emerging from a cocoon). If the personal or outer self will just let Life flow and keep at peace, the manifested result will be Perfection – The Divine Way of Life fulfilled.  Many . . . are looking for things instead of enjoying God – by adoring the Beauty and Power of the Great Light for Itself only.” The Magic Presence, 2004, p. 273-274.

[Photo Source]

The answer is to “seek the Light and [put] God first [and] the personal self is . . . kept in the right relation to Life. . . .[The main idea is] To know! to dare! to do! to serve! and to be silent!” The Magic Presence, 2004, p. 274.

Peace be unto You!

The Quest

In all my reading, meditating, searching, the one thought I come back to over and over, again, is simply this:

To know! to dare! to do! to serve! and to be silent! ~ The Magic Presence, p. 274.

Ever since I was 5, I knew I was special and had some special purpose to fulfill. Now, at 64, I continue to learn to know more; to dare to take risks that may or may not evolve into something concrete; to do something worthwhile with everyday I am blessed to live; to serve others in some small way; and to spend most of my day in silence so I may hear the messages of the universal spheres.

Although it may seem that the world is full of foolish, greedy, selfish people, my reading says that, “Each individual is an open doorway to all Perfection, but that Perfection can only express itself on Earth when the outer self keeps its channel clear and harmonious by adoring and accepting the ‘Mighty I AM Presence.'” ~ The Magi Presence, p. 272.

Since I was 21, I’ve consciously connected with My Mighty I AM Presence.  By 46, I was able to go into a meditative state rather quickly and stay there for long periods of time.  At 57, I realized that every breath is meditation, and at 64, just sitting and watching the glimmer on the lake outside my apartment attunes me to my Higher Self.  Life does get simpler, if you let it.

My father (93) appears to have it all figured out.  He refuses to get involved in politics, religion, community ventures, etc.  He keeps it very simple.  Arise in the morning, have breakfast, walk around the yard, feed the cats and racoon (yep!), have a light lunch, take a nap, sit outside in the sun, check the mail, have dinner at 5 p.m.,  watch the 6 o’clock news, talk on the phone for a very few moments to his children and grandchildren, enjoy his 46-year-old wife, who opted to quick her job to take care of him, go to sleep by 9:30 p.m.  Very simple life.  No hoards of friends or family visiting.  No volunteering at the polls, local bread basket for the homeless, or community center. None of that. Just simple living has kept him going since he retired from the Railway Postal Service at 57.  For 36 years, my Dad has been an example of good living for me.

I used to lust for traveling but I found such solace on my lake that I almost cringe at the thought of packing a bag and leaving home.  I know I will not have the peace I have here, even though I’ll have new and exciting experiences.  I’m a home body now, whereas, in my 40s and 50s, I yearned to go to far and exotic places like Sicily, Morocco, China and Japan.  I did that.  One year, I counted 14 times that I boarded an airplane in just three months! Argh! That was a LOT of flying.

Now, I love to sit and look at the lake and count to 17.  At 14, 15, and 16, you will take a very deep breath.  Try it.

Live your life as simply as possible.  That’s what I’ve learned is the key to happiness.

The Grail

“America,” said Saint Germain, “means so much more than most of Her inhabitants dare to dream; for She is the Heart Center of the Spiritual Progress on this planet. It is in America that the firm Foundation of the Cosmic Christ – the ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ – will find anchor in the Hearts of mankind. This Great, All-Powerful Light shall intensify and expand until not a vestige of selfishness or political intrigue will remain or be remembered. . . .

“America is the Grail – the Cup for this Earth – that carries the Light of the Cosmic Christ which shall illumine the Earth and set it in Divine Order by the Power of the ‘Might I AM Presence.'”

[Source: The Magic Presence by Godfre Ray King, Saint Germaine Press, 2004, pp. 138-139.]

What does America mean to you?

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