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Third Eye Observations


I AM the quiver in morning’s bright gleam! ~ The Magic Presence, Chanera

The glimmer in morning’s light, dancing on the lake I live on, is mesmerizing. It moves from spot to spot on the water, as the Sun makes the journey from East to West.

I AM delighted by this observation. My third eye opens, I AM aware of my Mighty I AM Presence standing over me, feeding me consciousness with a silver spoon.

My gratitude is expressed in being there in the moment, observing the beauty and artistry of the Universe that I live in.

I AM thankful that I AM able to be awake and enjoy this PRESENT Moment that is filling me up with happiness to the brim.

And a blue cardinal sang for me this morning as I walked along the lake.

I AM Happy and full of Thanksgiving!

Diva JC


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The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Enhanced Perceptions

One of the main characteristics of the changes we are all going through at this time has to do with an enhancement of our perceptive capabilities. Of course, one would not read about this extraordinary information in the mainstream media because it is threatening to the status quo. But the status quo contains too much sorrow and suffering – and all of that is about to change, in large part because our perceptions are opening up, revealing new insights and information about our world and how it really works. We are realizing that this reality we live in is but one reality out of an infinite number of realities we can choose to put our attention on – and that we have limited ourselves tremendously by conforming to the mainstream matrix.

Indeed, we envision a world where each person’s solar plexus has opened to the point where we are much more intuitive and we are no longer dependent on receiving information from outside ourselves in order to make our most important decisions. We see people openly using pendulums, dowsing, muscle testing, or simply knowing the truth behind all things.

We see third eyes dilating, dispelling all that was secret in the past, making all things known and giving access to other dimensions, other worlds all around us. As a result, all deception and tomfoolery has stopped completely.

We see hearts opening en masse, causing an avalanche of Love to touch all and everyone who live upon this Earth. No more do we harm another, either in thought or deed, because we now know, beyond all doubt and disbelief, that we are connected to each other, that the Love that lives in in one heart lives in all hearts, and that the Spirit which brings life to one brings life to all.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
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I AM, THAT I AM! ~ Sananda


The Goddess Principle


  1. Why is it more comfortable to create Gods and Goddesses than to honor our own Divinity?
  2. Why do people prefer to not take responsible for being God?
  3. Is it easier to assign power to someone outside of ourselves than to tap into our own inner power and project light and love outward to our fellow human beings?

I have asked myself these questions for over 40 years.  I have contemplated my own divinity and come to the conclusion that the breath within me is the Goddess Principle that I must connect with on an hourly and daily basis.  I conclude that it is folly to expect anyone else to be responsible for my life, which was given to me for a purpose.  Determining that purpose is my mission.

The survivors of all catastrophe on Earth have a duty to themselves to go within, forget outward things and circumstances, and connect with their inner power.  Humans tend to project their fear onto the outer world.  They blame everyone else but themselves for what is happening to them, personally.

  1. Do human beings make the weather?
  2. What if they really do?
  3. What must they do to eliminate catastrophe?

This morning, on the news, I saw a woman in Staten Island whose house was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy saying, “This can never be repaired.”  She was pointing to a thing not realizing that she still had life and things have nothing to do with her survival and existence.

How can we impart this knowledge to people who focus on things rather than life itself?

I remember, in the 1980s, when a boyfriend set my house on fire.  For three weeks following the fire, I lay in bed at my friend’s house, crying and lamenting the loss of all of my belongings.  I was depressed about losing things but most of all, I was distraught that someone would do this kind of thing to me.

What had I done to deserve this?

In months and years to follow, I reckoned that I had learned an invaluable lesson:  the loss of things cannot be compared to my life.  I stood on the principle that I AM THAT, I AM.  I still had breath.  Blood still flowed through my veins and now, 30 years, later, I am a happy, well-adjusted woman who is focused on the Goddess within me.

No man, woman or child can sway me to believe anything other than I AM a Divine Being having a Human experience.  It is my duty to send LIGHT and LOVE to the survivors of all catastrophes in the recent past – Northeast United States, Japan, the Middle East, etc.

When people awaken to their True Divine Selves, the planet will heal.  Until then, nature will continue to put people in the position of discomfort.  All power of the Universe is in the hearts and minds of people.  Tell the person next to you to go inside and find that place of love, light, and power that can change the world!

Being Human

In response to Facebook complaints that the media ignored certain parts of the Northeast in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I wrote:Mother Nature is really bigger than our lives. MEDIA is NOT capable of being the ALL-Seeing EYE. You MUST go WITHIN and send LIGHT & LOVE to all the survivors. Remember not to make them VICTIMS in your mind’s eye. See them as SURVIVORS.

NOW is the time for HUMANS to use their UNIVERSAL DIVINE POWER to uplift their fellow humans. Use positive thought and speech. It really works, if you let it.

We MUST understand that we are SPIRITS having a HUMAN experience, not the other way around. Caught up in the material (and I AM no different), we MUST understand that our spiritual power is heretofore untapped. Let’s turn our inner eye to the spiritual power we have. Let’s send thoughts of light & love to all the people on the planet that are in survival mode. Whether we caused Global Warming or changing climates is just a natural occurrence, we HUMANS have untapped power and NOW IS THE TIME to tap!!! Tap, tap, tap!!! Call on your MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE to ease the pain. It works!

What others think:

I AM a Being of Violet Fire.  I AM the purity God desires.

Sonia Choquette said, “Human Beings operate on a 5-sensory or 6-sensory experience.”

Bruce Lipton believes we control our health and life with our thoughts. You select and modify the genes to create your lifestyle.  We can create a better world! But our old belief systems must be destroyed, first.

Mind Your Reality!

Most naive, gullible, mind-controlled Americans deeply asleep in their induced cognitive dissonance will scoff and jeer at the mere mention of the idea that massively destructive storms such as Hurricane Sandy can not only be CREATED, but can be magnified and its path of destruction actually directed at will.  [Source]

The 70′s United Nations Treaty on Weather Modification techniques and deployment. [Source]

Read the full text of the UN_1976_Weather_Weapon_Treaty here.

FACT or FICTION? 1997 prediction of Hurricane Sandy

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