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DESTINY = Spirit in Word and Deed!

Earthly Things

jc-hair2I AM happy, rested
Sure that all is well
Dear friends have departed
And taken on Angel’s wings
While those who remain
Dwell on Earthly Things.

Diva JC

This poem is in tribute to my very dear sisters Bess and Tinubu, who crossed over to the 4th dimension on Dec. 20 and 23, respectively.  Then, yesterday, I learned about the suicide of a third acquaintance. Well, I didn’t know him but he was cast as the love interest in my daughter’s play “Woman! The Musical” and it was most disturbing to learn of his self-inflicted demise.
In retrospect, my daughter wrote on her Facebook wall:
mimijohnson-face2“You know you have a fruitful life when you sit for a moment silently and think about the things you “NEED” and say…..I’M STRAIGHT!That’s my life!THANK YOU TO THE MOST HIGH FOR A FRUITFUL AWESOME LIFE! ♥” ~ Mimijohnsondotnet

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