Divine Connection Church

DESTINY = Spirit in Word and Deed!


The messages in women’s music project nurturing, peace, love, unity, and joy! However, statistics continue to show that women musicians are marginalized.  What can we do to change that paradigm?


It is imperative that women’s music be heard by society-at-large in order for people to develop character that is nurturing, unified, and harmonious.  For centuries, the music of men has dominated concert halls, radio airwaves, film scores, and all aspects of background music.  It is now time for women to encompasses a higher percentage of performance, commission, and recording opportunities.  Women compose and perform original music and it must be their business to get their music into the marketplace.

This is the mission of Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes women musicians, globally!

Visit our website and join us in our mission.







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