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We teach people how to treat us.

If we allow people to cheat us or mistreat us, then, it happens.

If we push back on people, who fail to harmonize with who we are, usually things will change in our favor.

No mistreatment of any kind is comfortable.

Customer Service is a MUST for people doing business with other people.

The manager of a restaurant on Fort Lauderdale Beach has repudiated the opinions of nine customers, who chose to dine at this establishment. One customer received raw meat loaf and burnt veggies. Another received a hamburger with no fries. A third received what was said to be beef ribs, when, in fact, they were pork ribs and this fact was highly disputed by the cook, himself!

When two of the nine called the manager the next morning, neither received a response.  When one of these two addressed the manager face-to-face, the following day, he said he never received her message.  His response to meeting these two ladies of color was, “Oh, I heard about you. You are trouble.”

Treatment that is unacceptable must be discussed and this may be the perfect forum for that discussion because our destiny is tied up with how we allow people to treat us, how we give service, and how we receive it.

In my estimation, this manager has no concept of customer service nor does he care to know anything about it. The cook brought us dessert, after I said, “We should get free dessert.” He assumed that would be that. He never considered the other repercussions of this bad choice by nine hungry travel agents.  He didn’t consider that we were there to review this restaurant for blogs, advertisers, magazines, newspapers, etc. He only saw nine people making trouble for him in a restaurant where two people were before we entered and only three others came in while we were there and their food came out before ours and we didn’t all get served for nearly an hour.

parrot_lounge_Fort_LauderdaleNow, this wouldn’t matter so much if this restaurant wasn’t in the heart of the vacation capital of the world, Fort Lauderdale, historically known for the decades of Spring Breakers and hundreds of thousands of snowbirds, particularly, Canadians.  So, you might think that the health department would have some concerns about someone getting deathly ill from raw meatloaf.  But neither the waitress and cook, who assured me that the pork ribs were beef (and one of our party took one of the ribs with her as proof that we had pork and not beef), nor the manager, who admitted that they were pork – not one of the three considered that any one of us -nine hungry people who made a concerted choice to eat at the restaurant, where two parties were living – could work for the health department and file a report that could close that establishment for good or write a blog that could be read by any and every person looking for the perfect getaway in South Florida.

Amid the variety of choices nearby, this group chose not to walk away from the property but to spend their vacation funds at The Village Cafe attached to the Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort.  On top of that, three of us chose to dine at the Parrot, down the block from the resort, where we were served nearly burnt shrimp, mahi, and chicken wingettes that were obviously cooked in old oil.

Now, come on, the health department does enter the minds of the proprietors of these establishments, ever?

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This vision I align with:

A Vision for Worldwide Efficiency

Adamma Holyheart writes: I would like to contribute the following for consideration to your Vision Alignment Program to be shared with your email group. I call it a Vision for Worldwide Efficiency.

We intend and envision from this moment forward that all modes of transportation, all business and industry, all forms of communications and energies, all educational systems, all medical and social organizations, all government bodies, the administration of justice and the correction of misdeeds are instantly and forever conducted with absolute efficiency; that time, natural resources, transference of information, knowledge, reason and righteousness are efficiently utilized and administered without waste or delay so as to attain a perfected world.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
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