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Quiet Time


In the hustle and bustle of life, we must find a space for quiet time.

The phone may ring and Facebook may bleep, but we must find a space for quiet time.

Being still, listening to your own thoughts can be soothing and quite fulfilling.

It’s not the time to nap or sleep. It’s conscious time, quiet time.

It’s not the time to read a book or write in your journal.

Nor is it the time to watch a film or TV program.

It’s time to be quiet, to reflect, to re-member who you are.

Quiet time is YOUR time to reconnect with your center, your core.

You may hear birds chirping, traffic whizzing along.

You might hear the laughter of babes.

You could hear the whirr of the air conditioner or the chopping of wood.

It’s all good what you hear but the object is to sit still, let it happen, and be quiet.

You could be on the beach, in a tree, in a forest, on a hilltop or just in your den.

Wherever you choose to experience this time, quiet time, is all up to you.

So, decide, today, to take time in your day, take an hour or just a few moments

To offer your soul the time to unfold.

Take the time to be quiet with YOU!

~ Diva JC


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