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This Is Love


Love is giving up your space, time, and person for another. ~ Diva JC

I AM Blessed

Chalet viewThank you

This is a blessed day

I am blessed

I receive my blessings and grow to a new level of appreciation

The more I appreciate the broader my vista for appreciation opens

~ Diva JC


Speaking Words

Speaking Words that CREATE the World we live in!

Words We Speak

Today, I acknowledge that the words we speak create the world we live in. Up early, on FB 7:00 a.m., I saw this image that motivated and inspired me to write this post. I meditate on the blessings that I am sending to my father, his wife, my brother, my friends who live in Palm Beach County, FL.  May they all be supremely blessed with abundance, happiness, health and prosperity in all their days on Earth.  May this blessing extend to the entire human race so that consciousness is raised, today, because I have written these words here on this post on this blog.  I am ever appreciative of the POWER of WORDS to create phenomena in the ethers.


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Great Day!

Woke up very early, before dawn. Had a delicious cup of coffee, which I must do by 9 a.m. to not be awake all night tonight! Saw the cloud angel in photo below and shared. Off to a great start of a magnificent day.


My radio show, today, features Shana Tucker, check her out www.shanatucker.com and tune in at 4 pm EST at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/musicwoman/2014/03/13/shanatucker.  

The blessing of today is that Music, the sound of the spheres is the gift that musicians bring to Planet Earth. This day, I appreciate the gift of music channeled through the gifted musician Shana Tucker.  We, at http://www.wijsf.org are blessed to have Shana as our 257th Member in the 7th year of our activity and service, fulfilling our mission to promote women musicians, globally.  This young woman is the epitome of musicianship!


Counting Blessings

jc-etna-eruptsCounting Blessings

By Joan Cartwright

Clean towels, clean sheets

Good bread, good meat

Warm clothing, warm feet

Shelter and heat

Not homeless, not poor

Not hungry, not sore

Not sad, not a bore

Not lonesome, not bored

Just thankful, full of grace

In a really good place

With a smile on my face

Feeling blessed in this space

Human Being

What Am I?

I AM a Human Being.

A Human Being what?

Being whatever my mind can envision.

What does your mind envision you being?

My mind sees me being a mentor, a teacher, a guide to joy.

My mind sees me bringing joy to

And out of other Humans Being.

Diva Joan Cartwright

This poem was composed several decades ago but it’s meaning is even more relevant, today, as I contemplate the quietude that I require for my personal peace of mind.  No longer do I need to rush around, every day, to get a multitude of tasks done.  I don’t need to be in the midst of crowds to feel inspired and motivated. It may only take hearing one piece of music or reading one post from an enlightened friend on Facebook to make my day begin with happiness.

The cost of going out has become a restriction, even though we all find the funds to do each and everything we intend to do.  However, I’ve met so many wonderful people already that going out to meet more new people is not a necessity.  I’m happy within myself and impressing others is not on my agenda.  Accomplishments are things I still look forward to but I have made so many things happen in my life that reflection brings me an abundance of joy.

Growing older has taught me to be still and know God/Goddess/All That Is within me.  Silence is so pleasurable that I, sometimes, need to grunt or sing just to hear the sound of my own voice. Putting fewer things on my daily agenda enables me to accomplish every one of them without stress.  Time is my own to do with as I please.  I am no longer in pursuit of the dollar, of awards, of fans, of lovers.  I am complete within myself and happy to be me.  I AM THAT, I AM!

Diva JC

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