Divine Connection Church

DESTINY = Spirit in Word and Deed!

Human Being

What Am I?

I AM a Human Being.

A Human Being what?

Being whatever my mind can envision.

What does your mind envision you being?

My mind sees me being a mentor, a teacher, a guide to joy.

My mind sees me bringing joy to

And out of other Humans Being.

Diva Joan Cartwright

This poem was composed several decades ago but it’s meaning is even more relevant, today, as I contemplate the quietude that I require for my personal peace of mind.  No longer do I need to rush around, every day, to get a multitude of tasks done.  I don’t need to be in the midst of crowds to feel inspired and motivated. It may only take hearing one piece of music or reading one post from an enlightened friend on Facebook to make my day begin with happiness.

The cost of going out has become a restriction, even though we all find the funds to do each and everything we intend to do.  However, I’ve met so many wonderful people already that going out to meet more new people is not a necessity.  I’m happy within myself and impressing others is not on my agenda.  Accomplishments are things I still look forward to but I have made so many things happen in my life that reflection brings me an abundance of joy.

Growing older has taught me to be still and know God/Goddess/All That Is within me.  Silence is so pleasurable that I, sometimes, need to grunt or sing just to hear the sound of my own voice. Putting fewer things on my daily agenda enables me to accomplish every one of them without stress.  Time is my own to do with as I please.  I am no longer in pursuit of the dollar, of awards, of fans, of lovers.  I am complete within myself and happy to be me.  I AM THAT, I AM!

Diva JC


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