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Remembering You

rhythmscoverRemembering You
As you rake across the coals of my sleeping heart

The love I hid for years comes shining through

And as I wake to mem’ries all gone dark

I reawake to passions gleaned by you

The value of these words is that they speak the truth

I dared not say for decades when

I thought that we were through

But now I see that this belief was all in vain

And, oh, how I long to lay with you again

To hear you speak to me sweet words of love

And lust, oh, yes, sweet lust I do recall

The memory of our love is not in vain

For the heart keeps memories present most of all

Each moment that we shared just making love

Oh, man of love it’s thee I do desire

Your words, your touch that set me all aglow

They set the pulse between my loins afire

You, caressing all my parts at once

Stirred up this soulful love I have for you

A ray of hope that leaps across my brain

Reminds me that we’re mending years in truth

So, then, we may, once more lay in the sun

Soaking up the heat of love ‘til evening’s end

The mission of our souls to be as One

Twin flames of love that ne’er will part again

©2014Joan Cartwright

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