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A Beautiful Day

Just finished watching a movie “Letters To God” in which my friend Avery Sommers has a cameo role as Nurse Carol. The music is great, especially during the Outro – Dear Mr. God, Hope Now, and A Beautiful End. I’m liking the music enough to open my post with this message. Check it out.

image006Antyway, today was a beautiful day. I am in complete appreciation, especially after watching the movie above “Letters To God”, that my children are healthy, wealthy, and wise. I feel so blessed to be able to see this, feel this, understand this, and pay testimony to the fact that I am blessed to have two living, loving, and honorable children. What more can a mother ask for?


In addition to that, they have five beautiful children that I get to love on and one of them has two sons that are just delicious. So, there, my grandmotherly pride is showing.  So, what if I don’t think motherhood is the best thing that ever happened to me. I’m adverse to motherhood. I think it sucks. But there is always a silver lining in every cloud and the one in the cloud of motherhood is being there when your children have children and their children have children. It is a blessing and I am in total appreciation of my life.

Thank you, Might I AM Presence.

Diva JC

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