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Each day, there is an opportunity to create something new, useful, and magnificent. This is the beginning of an exciting adventure on MJTV Network with my daughter, Mimi Johnson. Our sitcom “Last Man” written by Steve Moore, Mimi Johnson, and Love McNill, and starring them, Joan Cartwright, Vernechia Williams, and Malik Haynes, will premiere on January 31 at 7:00 p.m. on www.mjtvnetwork.info. Watch the trailer below:

Loving Children

jc-zyanThe most wonderful feeling

In the whole world

Is when your great grandson

Of nearly two years

Smiles at you

And gives you some sugah!

2015 Enlightenment

20140601_202300Acknowledging the light around me has brought me to a brighter ME.

Winter’s chill promotes warmth in my heart and soul.

Every action leads to the next event.

All my joy is heavenspent.

I’m happy, joyful, full of life.

Releasing now all cares and strife.


~ Diva JC

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