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Spring Forward

peace3When you feel like you’re tied to the dock of uncertainty, remember that YOU are the captain of your vessel. You set the course to the destination that you want to reach. Only YOU decide where it is you’re headed.  Too often, individuals allow others – parents, a spouse, children, friends, co-workers – dictate where they are going. This is a travesty because YOU were born to create YOUR world the way YOU see it.  This is not anarchy.  This is your birthright.  Take hold of the reins of YOUR chariot and Spring Forward, make the Quantum Leap into the Universe that YOU have planned for YOURSELF.  Be a force. Be the LIGHT for others who still walk in the darkness of uncertainty and despair.  We are GOD having a Human experience. Never let anyone tell you that you are anything less. This is the season for rebirth, resurrection, and reinvention. Let your heart open like the rose. Let your dreams manifest exactly as you want them to. It is your world!

Diva JC

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