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Calling Dad

Calling Dad by Joan Cartwright

Dad94Each day like clockwork I call my Dad

To talk about the weather

That usually leads to conversations

About Dad’s life, long ago

It’s wise to record your parents

To ask them questions

And listen to their stories

That’s how you learn to live

They’ve seen what you never have

And if you out live them

You have even more to see!



Rainy Days


Clouds hanging over my head. . .

Rain threatens to fall

“Green,” whispers the trees. . .

Rain threatens to fall

Breezes brush my face. . .

Rain threatens to fall.

Rain threatens to fall. . .

Birds prepare to retreat

Rain threatens to fall. . .

Stillness in the street

Rain threatens to fall. . .

The sunny glare is cut as

Rain threatens to fall.

Rain Threatens To Fall ©1980 Joan Cartwright


rainyday2 Hush hush engines

Hush hush cars

Hush hush dogs

Hush, men in bars

Hush, you children crying loud

Hush, be silent, raining cloud

Silence is the Sun

Flaring through the clouds

In skies made new

By bluish hue

Rain, go!

Make way for rainbows

Hush Hush ©1980 Joan Cartwright

River of Life

spirit riverONCE upon a time

There was a woman who understood

The flow of the River of Life

And the Avenues of Dreams.

She traveled the Roads to Self

And from challenge to solution

She used resolve

To weather the storms and upheavals

Trusting in the Chi of the Universe

To manifest each and every need.

And so it is that she came to know

That all is in Divine Order.

And now it is time to move again.

A nomadic course she is on.

This new day, place, and time is now.

Let it begin.


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