Divine Connection Church

DESTINY = Spirit in Word and Deed!

Full Circle

power nowIn this age of transparency, the true divinity of women, in particular, the Sibyls, who were the first rulers, are on the rise.


Mama Soul (hidden, faith, trust) had to come down to meet the rising Papa Spirit (knowing) to become the daughter and son that are equal. Mama smothers. Father abandons. Mama Universe (water, magic, conscience), Daughter Earth (earth, internal, character, value), Father Spirit (air, reconciler, karma), and Son (Sun, Heru, fire) of Personal Power. What used to work no longer has the power. What never worked now has the power. ~ SiStar Myrah


Formula for disaster = black man + white woman

Mama’s domain




Sankofa Movie (1993)

A self-absorbed Black American fashion model on a photo shoot in Africa is spiritually transported back to a plantation in the West Indies where she experiences first-hand the physical and psychic horrors of chattel slavery, and eventually the redemptive power of community and rebellion as she becomes a member of a freedom-seeking Maroon colony.

  • Cheryl 7/7
  • Joan 12/7
  • Myra 1/8

Started 12/23/15 meeting weekly until 3/2/16

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