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Black Woman First God

Celah Eliana Bey referred me, today, to these too videos:

Dr. Delbert Blair expounds on the primal divinity of Black Women

Black Mama is the ancient of ancients. ~ SiStar Myrah

celestialshipofnorth straitonCelestial Ship of the North by E. Valentia Straiton recommended by Bobby Hemmitt who speaks here on Human Artificial II

We are working to organize our discussion of the importance of decreasing the derogatory language surround the image of Black women and girls and to raise the issue of the supremacy and divinity of Black women. ~ Mamayah El Molina Bey

We are the fallen angels that have been suppressed and need to be replaced on our pedestals. ~ Celah Eliana Bey

Women forfeited power so that men could experience power. ~ Mamayah El

Woman’s power comes from the subconscious, the soul realm. ~ SiStar Myrah

The ultimate warfare is between the regenerate Black Mama and the degenerate White Father. ~ SiStar Myrah

Calling on MAMA will help her to speak to us internally, through our feeling, our subconscious. Where we have to embrace FATHER in knowing (spirit), we have to embrace MAMA in faith and feeling (soul) to become wholistic.

Women are the resurrectors and men are the redeemers. See the first episode of The Matrix, when Trinity resurrected Neo and in the second one, he redeems her.


MAMA turn all negative activity around. ~ Mamayah El (5:55)

We, the daughters of Earth, the Crones, that have been inspired in the spirit of compassion for the well-being of our ancient cosmic family are gathered to understand why you’ve connected this trio. Please demonstrate the magic of the power you have made available to us in service to the protection of our universal ancient family. Empower our ability and capability and aid our way as validation with the authority of our common purpose. We are one in the best interests of our family of antiquity in your essence as ancient of ancients. ~ SiStar Myrah.

MAMA please allow this trinity of women to naturally raise upright our fallen sisters to elevate them to their true celestial level in mind and spiritual substance. ~ Celah Eliana Bey

Ase, ase, ase!


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One thought on “Black Woman First God

  1. Cheryl Wooding on said:

    At Sais she was bespangled with stars, and there she gave her mystic message: “I am all that is; I am all that hath been; I am all that will forever be: and my veil no mortal hath drawn aside. The fruit that I brought forth was the Sun.”
    She was called by the Sanconiathans, “The air shining with ethereal light.”
    She has been imagined as intensely black, her bosom bare, crowned with a golden pyramid, about which twined an immense serpent. Night and Darkness belong as symbols to great antiquity. A superabundance of darkness metaphysically is light. “Darkness adopted illumination in order to make itself visible.”
    Out of the boundless Abyss of Darkness, acted upon by divine power, came the holy light. Paracelsus called the Sidereal Light the Astral Light, the reflection of the great Immaculate Mother, to whom the name of the Astral Light has been given; a name never given to the father or the fatherless son of the Immaculate Mother, who was placed on the physical plane as the lowest of the manifestations.
    The Holy Spirit, the Great Mother, is symbolized by a great Tree whose branches spread over the entire world, and reach above the heavens. A more beautiful symbol can hardly be conceived. This Tree has three roots, widely remote from each other. The first is among the Gods; the second among the Giants (the blessed spirits); the third embraces hell (region of all who are not of the heavenly blessed). Under the roots is the fountain of carnal desires, whence flow the infernal rivers, and the roots are gnawed upon by the mighty serpent, Midhager (conscience warring with carnal desires); under this, reaching towards the land of the Giants, is the Fountain of Wisdom and Knowledge.

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