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4 Teachers

To:  My Authentic Self
From: All The Others

The outstanding and most prominent of man’s beliefs are those which were forced upon him, or which he absorbed of his own volition, under highly emotionalized conditions, when his mind was receptive.  ~ Napoleon Hill

Give all yours with all the others.
Judge nor chide yourself nor all the others.
Lift your head and heart with all the others.
Love is reality perfected. (Sarah Ban Breathnach, Simple Abundance)



The Real Teacher Is The One Who Shows You The Way But Lets You Walk It On Your Own In Your Own Way

The Wise Teacher Is The One Who Shows You The Door But Does Not Tell You What To Think About What Is Behind Them

The True Teacher Is The One Who Teaches You To Lead, Not To Follow

The Awakened Teacher Is The One Who Is Also The Student

The Genuine Teacher Is The One Who Knows When To Tell You To Leave Your Teacher

The Compassionate Teacher Is The One Who Teaches All By An Example, Not Just His Students

The Courageous Teacher Is The One Who Dares To Expand Beyond His Teachings

In a utopian society, people’s income would be level. However, Earth’s inhabitants are competitive, and the victor gets the gold and the spoils. Choose one or more options below for what people with $$$ can do to make the world a better place and list your own opinion.

  • 2019-01-24 educationdayInvest in free, quality education and mentoring. (LK)
  • Invest in conflict resolution education and training. (EM)
  • Invest in clean energy. Solar, wind, and water energy can wipe out the Big Oil fighting, cheating horrors that Russia, The Middle East, Europe, and the United States have perpetuated since the Industrial Era. Clean energy is the Arcadia-farmfuture. (RG)
  • Invest in agriculture. Offshoots of agriculture can replace fossil energies. Well-managed agriculture lessens the carbon footprint. Plus, it makes food for nations of sentient beings relying on it. (AS)
  • Invest in workshops on love for self and others, the greater love that defines abuse as a lack of love, compassion, and empathy. The best minds will design a curriculum for children to teach how to cope in the face of adversity. Those of privilege can learn the meaning of compassion to affect change. America’s soul is dead. We need a natural desire to bring about the greater good for all to achieve growth and innovation. (NR)
  • Wealth is the value of what you can buy with it. Wealth shared equally would flatten the cost of living, transforming economies and giving people money based on their locale’s cost of living. Develop all people’s influence, connections, and knowledge. (CW)
  • Human energy transmutes into all other human activities. Harness and harvest human energy with a curriculum to teach children how to harness their most powerful gift. All other activities will fall into place. (CZE)
  • ____________________________________________________________
  • ____________________________________________________________
  • ____________________________________________________________

The USA and European countries balk against immigrants flooding into their space, while they ravaged the countries of those people for centuries. Therefore, immigrants are simply chickens coming home to roost in the habitat of their invaders and colonizers. The shoe never fits the other foot and leveling the field is necessary. Natural disasters do this. All the money in the world cannot replace the homes of people affected by wildfires and floods. But those with money in the bank can rebuild. That was evident in New Orleans. It’s a slippery slope, indeed. (JC)

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