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6 Nature

Breathe, my friend, Breath!
It’s all there.
The rhythm, the spirit, the music, the flow all in there, in your breath.
It’s God. It’s vibrant. It’s omnipresent.
Breath is all you need.
Then, of course, there’s water.
Ahhhh, alas. It’s all the same.
There’s always something else!

It is your choice. So make it.


This video is proof-perfect that man’s idea of “wild” animals may be mistaken, altogether. When I read this book – Ishmael by Daniel Quinn, I realized how backwards human beings may possibly be.

The outdoors is so comforting.
Greenery, water and sunlight are sure signs that life is good. Rain refreshes Gaia, ever renewing her soul.

Enjoy this video with music by Salvador Tchando Embalo (Guine-Bissau, West Africa)

Visit the site of environmentalists Audrey and Frank Peterman

3 thoughts on “6 Nature

  1. Love the new blog. It’s inspirational and uplifting. Lord knows we need that these days!

    • Leslie,
      The day is quickly approaching when we all realize that we need inspiration from each other.
      Thank you for being here for this spiritual experience.
      Peace, love and joy,
      Diva JC

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