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7 You

How Do YOU Feel About Wealth?

I answer this question most days by stating that upon waking, I’m blessed with a new day to create whatever I feel like creating. Money is not the only symbol of wealth.

I feel wealthy when I walk out on my porch and greet the sun and the lake on which I live. I feel wealthy every time I walk the mile around my complex and raise my hands in the air to greet the sky and clouds above Lake Emerald.

I feel wealthy every time I climb into my Sable Station Wagon and have gas to go somewhere.

I feel wealthy every day that I am able to take a deep breath and say, “Thank You” to My Mighty I AM Presence.

I feel wealthy every month, when I am able to pay my bills. Every time I pay a bill, I feel wealthy.

I AM wealthy every time I have a gig and the opportunity to make money singing for other people. I feel wealthy when I deposit checks from singing into my bank account. I feel wealthy every time I sell one of my CDs. Each time I pick up one of the books I’ve written and published, I feel wealthy.

I AM Wealthy. I Feel Wealthy. I Accept Wealth. I Appreciate Wealth.

How Do YOU Feel About Wealth?

Is your life doable?

We support women musicians and intend to build a network of donors to help feed hungry people, worldwide!

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8 thoughts on “7 You

  1. Dear Diva JC:

    I want to be a part of the new church. I feel that you are an inspiration to many and to council and be available is a gift that is naturally yours to share with the masses.

    Many Blessings,
    Sandra Kaye

    • Dearest Sandra,
      In this life, you are always a part of mostly everything I do. Whether you know it or not, your positive council is sometimes just what moves me ahead. I am so appreciative of your friendship and I love you very much.
      Thank you,
      Diva JC

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  3. Sista Sonya on said:

    Really enjoyed the article”Listening”

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  6. I truly agree with you about the blessings of wealth we have that come from the Creator. I am blessed with wealth daily and I take inspiration from your article.

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