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Happy Happy Joy Joy

It is with a happy heart that I write this blog on Christmas Day

I appreciate all I have – Family, Friends, and a Lighted Way


Knowing you are blessed is a blessing!

Light and Love

Diva JC

Home, Again!

It’s been 7 years, since I lived in Georgia. Now, on my daughter’s birthday, I am celebrating LIFE with my family in our family estate. I am wishing all of my family members and friends a peaceful end to 2013.



Keep your dream close to your heart and your mind will know the answer.

While your soul plays the chords, your imagination can be the dancer.

~ Diva JC



I walked and wept

I walked and wept

By Joan Cartwright

20131025_123220Today, I walked and wept

I asked the trees why am I unhappy

I asked the angels to surround me

Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Ariel

Aniel, Zadkiel, and all my guardians

I asked them to protect me

I asked the sky, the clouds

Why the tears are flooding my eyes

I asked the ground on which I walked

Why my heart felt so despised

I wondered why I felt despair

Since blessings I saw everywhere

20130913_083603There, across the lake, I live

A pleasant place with peace to give

But, still I felt as if I knew

With all I have some more was due

Oh, why, I asked am I so blue?

And why should I stop crying, Who

Could see me cry and pass on by

As if my tears meant nothing, Why

Could no one see that I was sad

That I was feeling really bad?

20131112_112819Bikers passed and waved as if

They didn’t care. I wondered if

I was a fool to be so blue

I wondered if my mood was true

I asked the birds, the butterfly

If my poor heart is open why

All I felt was the need to cry

And then, as I stood by the shore

Gazing on a sycamore

20131112_114039The answer came as teardrops poured

Down from my eyes, I saw, I saw

That I was feeling all the pain from

Knowing folks who gave their all

And, even though they stood so tall

Their withered lives most don’t recall

I cried for Billie who died a junky

I cried for Bird whom drugs had killed

I wept for Ella whose eyes were dim

When I was blessed to be in her midst

I wept for Betty whose “manager”

Stole her savings to buy a jet

That crashed, alas, all was misspent

I cried for Freddie whose lip did swell

From smoking crack as he did tell

Me of the horror he saw in Russia

Or was it just a doped up dream?

I wept for Miles who on his break

Outside the Vanguard (not the Gate)

Was beaten by an ig’nant cop

Who had no clue about Bebop

I cried for Clark whose back was sick

From flying cross the pond too much

glorialynne3I cried for Gloria Lynne, the Voice

Whose body made another choice

I wept for Etta, obese, until the day

She slimmed down to become Beyoncé

And both of them, who turned to blonde

To forsake all the Black they’d known

I cried for Whitney, who had it all

Who was a star that slipped to fall

Down from her thrown, as Michael did

I cried for them and God forbid

I kept on counting all the lives

That brought us music and then died

Where’s Donna Summer? Where’s Jimi?

Where’s Judy Garland and Janice Joplin?

Where’s Bessie Smith and Ray Charles?

Where’s Dinah? Where is Phoebe Snow?

Where are they, now?

20131103_081321Why have they flown?

I cried for those

Whose songs I’ve known

Whose lives had blessed the multitudes

I wept for them in my solitude.

On my solitary walk, today,

I cried for saints who went away.

©2013 Joan Cartwright


Why do I believe what I believe?

I am driven to believe that society suffers because the messages in women’s music are not being heard.

How do I communicate what I believe?

I am the founder of Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc., a non-profit organization that promotes women musicians, globally.

What do I believe?

I believe society can benefit greatly from equal time on radio, TV, in films and other places for women’s music – not just singers, but instrumentalists performing their own compositions, songwriters whose songs are featured in movies, and concerts that feature women musicians and composers.

Diva JC

What is Ascension?

ascensionIs ASCENSION real for everyone?

Will each of us make our ascension like Jesus?

What are the Symptoms of Ascension?

Mankind is hindered in the fulfillment of the Divine Plan only insofar as desire does not reflect the desire of God to be everywhere, which is the fulfillment of life, truth and love. In the garden of Gethsemane, Jesus surrendered all lesser desires to the greater desire of the Universal Self and the entire weight of the momentum of energy in the desire body propelled the fulfillment of the Will of God, out picturing the soul’s own blueprint in the four lower bodies.

The fulfillment of the law will prepare all mankind to make the final initiation as they ascend into their higher selves. However, a strong, disciplined mind is necessary to overcome carnal desires of the intellectual mind projected through the mass consciousness.

To forgive is to remove accumulated darkness in the space of each physical atom. The act of forgiveness releases the weight from the mind and body, preparing them to receive Christ energy.

From: http://www.fyicomminc.com/Gaia/gaianews82000.htm


The messages in women’s music project nurturing, peace, love, unity, and joy! However, statistics continue to show that women musicians are marginalized.  What can we do to change that paradigm?


It is imperative that women’s music be heard by society-at-large in order for people to develop character that is nurturing, unified, and harmonious.  For centuries, the music of men has dominated concert halls, radio airwaves, film scores, and all aspects of background music.  It is now time for women to encompasses a higher percentage of performance, commission, and recording opportunities.  Women compose and perform original music and it must be their business to get their music into the marketplace.

This is the mission of Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that promotes women musicians, globally!

Visit our website and join us in our mission.






Happy New Year


To all my family members, friends, musicians, and associates, may the new year 2013 bring you all the opportunities you desire to be healthy, wealthy, wise, and joyful.

Keep your dream close to your heart and your mind will know the answer.
While your soul plays the chords, you imagination can be the dancer.

Love and Light,
Diva JC


R.I.P. Bessie Mae Evans Covington – My Angel who left us at 11:15 p.m. on December 20, 2012, making it the end of the world as I’ve known it.

[Oakland Park, FL – December 20, 2012 @ 6:25 p.m.]

krsna-bubble1END OF THE WORLD

There are only 5 hours and 35 minutes before the dreaded END OF THE WORLD!

What do we expect?

We’ve had some really bad things happen around the world. Will it be the end of bad stuff happening?

What do we want to happen?

I want to acknowledge my MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE and live in this very moment as if it were one of the last moments I will ever have.

UTC93-smallI want to let my family know that I love them dearly and I am so happy I was in their lives and they were in mine.

I want to acknowledge all of my teachers, all of my friends, all of my associates, all of those I’ve forgotten, and especially, all of those who remember me.

The light just went out in front of my porch.
A fire siren can be heard on the boulevard.
The train whistle is blowing.

I AM writing to say I love the life I’ve had up to this point.
I’ve had millionaire days with puffy clouds, bright sunshine, light and heavy rains, and laughter.

I have loved and been loved.

©2012 Joan Cartwright


inspired by green

Third Eye Observations


I AM the quiver in morning’s bright gleam! ~ The Magic Presence, Chanera

The glimmer in morning’s light, dancing on the lake I live on, is mesmerizing. It moves from spot to spot on the water, as the Sun makes the journey from East to West.

I AM delighted by this observation. My third eye opens, I AM aware of my Mighty I AM Presence standing over me, feeding me consciousness with a silver spoon.

My gratitude is expressed in being there in the moment, observing the beauty and artistry of the Universe that I live in.

I AM thankful that I AM able to be awake and enjoy this PRESENT Moment that is filling me up with happiness to the brim.

And a blue cardinal sang for me this morning as I walked along the lake.

I AM Happy and full of Thanksgiving!

Diva JC


This site is on a quest to reach 1,000,000 hits, and has reached

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The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Enhanced Perceptions

One of the main characteristics of the changes we are all going through at this time has to do with an enhancement of our perceptive capabilities. Of course, one would not read about this extraordinary information in the mainstream media because it is threatening to the status quo. But the status quo contains too much sorrow and suffering – and all of that is about to change, in large part because our perceptions are opening up, revealing new insights and information about our world and how it really works. We are realizing that this reality we live in is but one reality out of an infinite number of realities we can choose to put our attention on – and that we have limited ourselves tremendously by conforming to the mainstream matrix.

Indeed, we envision a world where each person’s solar plexus has opened to the point where we are much more intuitive and we are no longer dependent on receiving information from outside ourselves in order to make our most important decisions. We see people openly using pendulums, dowsing, muscle testing, or simply knowing the truth behind all things.

We see third eyes dilating, dispelling all that was secret in the past, making all things known and giving access to other dimensions, other worlds all around us. As a result, all deception and tomfoolery has stopped completely.

We see hearts opening en masse, causing an avalanche of Love to touch all and everyone who live upon this Earth. No more do we harm another, either in thought or deed, because we now know, beyond all doubt and disbelief, that we are connected to each other, that the Love that lives in in one heart lives in all hearts, and that the Spirit which brings life to one brings life to all.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too! 
You can align with this Vision
by double-clicking the “YES!” Button below.


I AM, THAT I AM! ~ Sananda


The Quest

In all my reading, meditating, searching, the one thought I come back to over and over, again, is simply this:

To know! to dare! to do! to serve! and to be silent! ~ The Magic Presence, p. 274.

Ever since I was 5, I knew I was special and had some special purpose to fulfill. Now, at 64, I continue to learn to know more; to dare to take risks that may or may not evolve into something concrete; to do something worthwhile with everyday I am blessed to live; to serve others in some small way; and to spend most of my day in silence so I may hear the messages of the universal spheres.

Although it may seem that the world is full of foolish, greedy, selfish people, my reading says that, “Each individual is an open doorway to all Perfection, but that Perfection can only express itself on Earth when the outer self keeps its channel clear and harmonious by adoring and accepting the ‘Mighty I AM Presence.'” ~ The Magi Presence, p. 272.

Since I was 21, I’ve consciously connected with My Mighty I AM Presence.  By 46, I was able to go into a meditative state rather quickly and stay there for long periods of time.  At 57, I realized that every breath is meditation, and at 64, just sitting and watching the glimmer on the lake outside my apartment attunes me to my Higher Self.  Life does get simpler, if you let it.

My father (93) appears to have it all figured out.  He refuses to get involved in politics, religion, community ventures, etc.  He keeps it very simple.  Arise in the morning, have breakfast, walk around the yard, feed the cats and racoon (yep!), have a light lunch, take a nap, sit outside in the sun, check the mail, have dinner at 5 p.m.,  watch the 6 o’clock news, talk on the phone for a very few moments to his children and grandchildren, enjoy his 46-year-old wife, who opted to quick her job to take care of him, go to sleep by 9:30 p.m.  Very simple life.  No hoards of friends or family visiting.  No volunteering at the polls, local bread basket for the homeless, or community center. None of that. Just simple living has kept him going since he retired from the Railway Postal Service at 57.  For 36 years, my Dad has been an example of good living for me.

I used to lust for traveling but I found such solace on my lake that I almost cringe at the thought of packing a bag and leaving home.  I know I will not have the peace I have here, even though I’ll have new and exciting experiences.  I’m a home body now, whereas, in my 40s and 50s, I yearned to go to far and exotic places like Sicily, Morocco, China and Japan.  I did that.  One year, I counted 14 times that I boarded an airplane in just three months! Argh! That was a LOT of flying.

Now, I love to sit and look at the lake and count to 17.  At 14, 15, and 16, you will take a very deep breath.  Try it.

Live your life as simply as possible.  That’s what I’ve learned is the key to happiness.

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