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The Little Things

This week began during my morning constitution on Sunday with the thought that it is the little things that make a life. It is the little things that you appreciate that makes life worth living. The little things stitched together to create a quilt of experiences that make me smile, wonder, question, hold on, and think.

A spark of fire can create a bonfire. Many people in California are experience the trauma of fires. They lost their homes and their lives. That raging, romping fire began with a spark.

A tree begins with a seed and, over time, that seed grew into a magnificent tree that gives fruit, shade, and is a vision to behold.

A kind word, a small donation, a thoughtful deed can help people in distress. Yet, a small error in thinking puts people out of their home and on the street. Children should live in a home. A small effort on the part of humanity as a whole can solve the homeless problem. It takes a small thought, a small effort, a small group to make some change.

What will we do to spark a revolution for change, plant the seed for change, and make a small effort to end homelessness and poverty?


What is religion?



Watch this video: Ancestral Voices: Esoteric African Knowledge. This documentary is about African spirituality. It highlights the multiple views and history of various religions and the effects on Africans. It consists of clips from the documentary.  https://vimeo.com/ondemand/34118/104247614

God is reflected in rock, water, tree, and fire. Religion is a personal experience.


Re·li·gion /rəˈlijən/ noun
  1. the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. “Ideas about the relationship between science and religion.” Synonyms: faithbeliefworshipcreed. Plural noun: religions – “The world’s great religions”
    • a particular system of faith and worship.
    • a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance.
      “Consumerism is the new religion.”
Pa·tri·arch·y /ˈpātrēˌärkē/ noun
  1. a system of society or government in which the father or eldest male is head of the family and descent is traced through the male line.
    • a system of society or government in which men hold the power and women are largely excluded from it.
    • a society or community organized on patriarchal lines.
      plural noun: patriarchies

Ma·tri·ar·chy /ˈmātrēˌärkē/ noun – A system of society or government ruled by a woman or women. A form of social organization in which descent and relationship are reckoned through the female line. The state of being an older, powerful woman in a family or group. “She cherished a dream of matriarchy, catered to by grandchildren.”

Hu·mon·arch·y / ˈhyoo-muh-n-ärkē/ noun
A system of society or government in which the Father and Mother or eldest male and female are together head of the family and descent is traced through both the male and female line.
A system of society or government in which men and women hold the power and both men and women are largely included.
A society or community organized on neither matriarchal nor patriarchal lines.
plural noun: humonarchies. Goes with other words like Humanarchies, Humanarchists, and Humanarchism!Maitre_Jean.Dorvilus@3D2017 – I am neither the member of a matriarchy or a patriarchy because I support the Humonarchy! by El Toussaint Powr  April 04, 2017

alexmyles nov11

[Source: http://theearthplan.blogspot.com/…/11/111111-alex-myles.html]

First, I wish for peace among human beings.

Then, I wish for financial solvency and security from teaching and selling my books, so I can pay my bills on time and make investments to grow wealth.

Finally, I wish that my non-profit receives a multitude of donations, memberships, grants, and other monetary contributions so we may continue to fulfill our mission to promote women musicians, globally. [www.wijsf.org]



The sun may set tonight. But it will rise, again, in the morning. ~ Dr. Diva JC




Breathe and Push

This woman has words of wisdom, hope, and love.

Remembering the Divine Feminine

Truth Uncompromeyezed Network

The recording from 3 28 2016 ProphForeSee below features a discussion of the return of the Divine Feminine and the responsibility of women on Earth to reclaim their power in order to restore peace on Earth. Thanks to Linda, Denise, Beverly, Tom, and Cheryl for allowing me – Joan – to discuss the importance of remembering the Divine Feminine. Also, thanks to Rhonda, founder of the Truth Uncompromeyezed Network!

Linda spoke about the treaties:


Know that Mamayahallah is waiting for your call. Whatever your heart desires will come to fruition. So, wake up, grow up, and be the LIGHT that you are!

  • Know that YOU impact 70 million people by being the LIGHT that you are.
  • You impact 10 million people by being Peaceful.
  • You impact 750,000 with healing by being Loving and Joyful.

1How to change your frequency

1most harmonic numbers








I love you!

have I told you I love you - famous letter - momayah el From GaiaMind Poems


Joan Cartwright

I AM Blessed

Chalet viewThank you

This is a blessed day

I am blessed

I receive my blessings and grow to a new level of appreciation

The more I appreciate the broader my vista for appreciation opens

~ Diva JC



ascension1It’s Sunday and Christians are in church, praising God, as I sit here pondering Motherhood.

As I think back on my Catholic education, I do not recall anyone mentioning whether or not those who crucified Jesus of Nazareth thought about how his mother, Mary would feel, seeing her son nailed to a cross. It is alarming how definite people are about their beliefs, while trodding all over the lives of others.

JesusinarmsofMotherMaryDid any of the warmongers ever think about how the mothers of the soldiers they killed would feel?

That question haunts me as I contemplate the centuries of wars waged in the name of God in every country on the globe. I’ve never been able to wrap my head around the term “Holy Wars”. Yet, cousins – Jews, Christians, and Muslims – have waged war against each other for over 3,000 years without enough people calling them out on their familial love.

globalizationLikewise, in African and Eastern cultures, different factions in China, India, and Korea cannot seem to see eye to eye. It’s a paradox. While ministers preach, today, in churches, temples, and mosques, men sit around tables, plotting how to undermine their own family members because, of course, we are All family, right?


mothermaryI wonder how many mothers sit around plotting on how to take bread out of the mouths of the babes of their sisters.

I wonder how many sons sit around plotting on how to take the savings of their sisters and mothers.

I wonder how many sisters sit around plotting on how to take their sister’s husband.

I wonder these things because wars seem to take place between people who are family or at the least close friends. What goes wrong? Where do the paths divide to cause people to be so cruel to each other?

black-madonna1When the Jews plotted to kill Jesus, also a Jew, did they ever stop to think – this man is my brother, my cousin, my nephew, my relative? Did they ever stop to think – this man has a mother who will grieve his senseless death?

My heart is full this morning because I’ve lived 65 years without ever feeling that I needed to harm someone else in order to have or get something or be happy. I may have thought “I need to get away from this person in order to have peace of mind.” But never did it enter my mind that I needed to hurt someone to have personal happiness.

That is the blessing I am grateful for, today. As the mother of two, grandmother of five, great grandmother of two, ex-wife of four men, sister of one brother, aunt of one nephew, daughter of a wonderful mother and father, and friend of many, I thank God/Goddess/All That Is for the peace of mind I am feeling at this moment.

I wish I could be instrumental in helping others to see the abundance I have experienced in my life that has been my reality without ever knowingly hurting another to get where I have been, where  I am, and where I have yet to go.


I pray that, today, people all over the planet have an epiphany – Know that you are blessed, each and every one of your life. Know that there is no need for conquering, competition, conflict, confrontation or conspiring. There is more than enough food, water, shelter – absolute abundance – for each and every Child of the Universe. THIS is the message I would like to convey to everyone, on this Holy Day in the Life of Planet Earth!

Today, I pray for a mass ascension for all Earthlings – Jew and Gentile, Male and Female, Old and Young, Democrat and Republican. I pray that while they are on their knees, praising God, Christians will find it in their hearts to also celebrate the Goddess, the Divine Feminine that is awakening in each of us to draw us back to the heart center in order to restore the Holy Family.

With Light and Love,
Diva JC

The Goddess Principle


  1. Why is it more comfortable to create Gods and Goddesses than to honor our own Divinity?
  2. Why do people prefer to not take responsible for being God?
  3. Is it easier to assign power to someone outside of ourselves than to tap into our own inner power and project light and love outward to our fellow human beings?

I have asked myself these questions for over 40 years.  I have contemplated my own divinity and come to the conclusion that the breath within me is the Goddess Principle that I must connect with on an hourly and daily basis.  I conclude that it is folly to expect anyone else to be responsible for my life, which was given to me for a purpose.  Determining that purpose is my mission.

The survivors of all catastrophe on Earth have a duty to themselves to go within, forget outward things and circumstances, and connect with their inner power.  Humans tend to project their fear onto the outer world.  They blame everyone else but themselves for what is happening to them, personally.

  1. Do human beings make the weather?
  2. What if they really do?
  3. What must they do to eliminate catastrophe?

This morning, on the news, I saw a woman in Staten Island whose house was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy saying, “This can never be repaired.”  She was pointing to a thing not realizing that she still had life and things have nothing to do with her survival and existence.

How can we impart this knowledge to people who focus on things rather than life itself?

I remember, in the 1980s, when a boyfriend set my house on fire.  For three weeks following the fire, I lay in bed at my friend’s house, crying and lamenting the loss of all of my belongings.  I was depressed about losing things but most of all, I was distraught that someone would do this kind of thing to me.

What had I done to deserve this?

In months and years to follow, I reckoned that I had learned an invaluable lesson:  the loss of things cannot be compared to my life.  I stood on the principle that I AM THAT, I AM.  I still had breath.  Blood still flowed through my veins and now, 30 years, later, I am a happy, well-adjusted woman who is focused on the Goddess within me.

No man, woman or child can sway me to believe anything other than I AM a Divine Being having a Human experience.  It is my duty to send LIGHT and LOVE to the survivors of all catastrophes in the recent past – Northeast United States, Japan, the Middle East, etc.

When people awaken to their True Divine Selves, the planet will heal.  Until then, nature will continue to put people in the position of discomfort.  All power of the Universe is in the hearts and minds of people.  Tell the person next to you to go inside and find that place of love, light, and power that can change the world!

I AM Mighty!

As proof of the fact that each and every soul has God-Potential, I AM quoting from my reading this morning:

“When Saint Germain stepped forward, Bob would have kneeled before Him.

“No, Bob,” He said, raising His hand in protest, “your own ‘Indwelling I AM Presence’ is just as Great as the Ascended Masters who have found the way before you to complete Mastery and Freedom. To It belongs your First Love, Recognition, and Worship at all times – never forget that. ‘I AM’ your Elder Brother, that is all; and it is My Privilege to assist you to that same Freedom.  It is at the Command of your own ‘Mighty I AM Presence’ that you are enabled to be here in this manner tonight. It is always a joy to be of any assistance that the Great Law of your Being permits” (The Magic Presence, 2004, p. 112)

Any minister that teaches that you are supposed to praise another Ascended Master is teaching a fallacy.  1 Corinthians 19 What, know ye not that your body is the Temple of the holy Ghost which is in you, which yee haue of God, and ye are not your owne?

For centuries, men have tried to convince others that they are nothing but chattel, slaves that should praise men. This is NOT truth.

I AM assured that I AM the temple of GOD/Goddess/All That Is.  This is why I AM always working to fulfill the dreams I dream.

Musicwomen and Saints

Show link for  4/06/12


Judy Joy Jones Show Presents
JOAN CARTWRIGHT’S Musicwomen of Jazz on the Moon!” and Belgium Classical ComposerSTEPHAN MEYLAERS, creator of Judy Joy Jones Show Theme Music!
The Judy Joy Jones Show is honored to present Diva Joan Cartwright!    “Blood is Life Until Given,  then its Love” explains  why we are the receipiants of some of the greatest Jazz Music ever written and performed by women of color. Because of Ms. Cartwright’s tireless efforts, future generations will enjoy music from heavens doors that otherwise would have been lost forever. 
And my favorite classical music composer from BelgiumStephan Meylaers who composed ‘Judy Joy Jones Show  theme music will be joining us, sharing his upcoming performances and latest compositions!
Joan Cartwright’s dedication to Musicwomen’s contributions to Jazz Music will continue to lighten all earth’s skies at night for millions of years to come.
It is true. When sleeping women wake, mountains move!!  And oh Ms. Cartwright, you have!


Call in to speak with the host
            (347) 326-9915

The following account was sent to me by writer, painter and radio host Judy Joy Jones:

Get women artists off the back of the bus!

Average women haven’t a clue where we are. Women composers, conductors, women painters, sculptors, women scientific inventors are non-existent. And they still kill female babies in India, China and who knows where else. Too many woman artists are in Gagaland and haven’t got a clue.

Murder of Hypatia

In Greece, the angry, jealous monk Cyril led an angry mob to hide in bushes and ambush Hypatia, a genius of her time. They flayed the skin from her bones with abalone shells and burned her alive because she was the smartest woman to have graced the Earth. All her books were lost in the Alexandria Library that was burned down. And Cyril was canonized as a saint!

I learned about Hypatia from physicist Carl Sagan. Dr. Michio Kuaku took his place.

We are way asleep, most female composers, sculptors, painters, inventors.

So, I stay alone work my bottom off and have given up health family and friends, and worldly comforts to get us moving. Now, I’m suffering badly, physically, but Mother Teresa my teacher, who was non-denominational, tended to those that society hates most – the poorest of poor.

Mother Teresa

Now, Joan, to be honest, I was next to what a person was called JESUS CHRIST when near Mother Teresa. Take my word for it! The peasants walked on foot. They had no TV, computers, phones, nothing. They walked on foot, cross any country. She set up homes for poor in and built shanties around her homes for poor.

Read the BIBLE or any holy book. The peasants did this for any saint, no matter their denomination. Peasants smell the real and often the people weren’t even affiliated with a religion, at all.

Mother Mary Ann Wright

Then, there was the non-denomination saint in Oakland, CA, named MARY ANN WRIGHT. She was my teacher and I followed for years. I road three buses to get to her to help her feed the poor. Mother Wright had a fifth grade education. She cleaned houses for the rich in San Francisco to pay for her 10-12 kids that lived in garage in Oakland.

One night, the Lord told Mary Ann Wright to go out and cover the poor, hidden under bridges and to feed the hungry. She followed God’s words. From that moment on, Mother Wright slept, sitting up because she could not bare the suffering of the poor who were sleeping in the streets. She took on their suffering. That’s what I call a saint. She had no church affiliation.

I helped her feed the homeless in Old Man’s Park, every week. I went to her warehouse and helped her bag clothes for the poor. She taught me never ever judge anyone. She said, if they come in Corvettes or Rolls Royces to get free bread, give it to them.


Mother Wright would get a call to go to the garbage dumps in Mexico City, where people are born, live and die on garbage dumps. She would sit and hold them in her arms when they died.

She had 20 foster kids and not one of her own kids or foster kids ever went to jail. She was invited to the White House inauguration, every year. She never slept laying down, after God showed her the real suffering poor.

I met her at Old Man’s Park on a Peace Walk with a group. Mother Wright came up to us and screamed, “while you were going to your meeting, giving your speeches, last night, a 16-year-old crackhead girl overdosed with her three-week-old baby in her arms, in this park and both died!”

Mother Wright begged the group to get out and give. “Don’t go meetings. Go feed the poor give them blankets!”

She was as real as they come. I wrote a song for Mother Wright.


Here are the lyrics for Mother Mary Ann Wright of Oakland, California, in Old Man’s Park:

She pierced my heart with an arrow
Giving her love to the poorest of the poor
Mother Wright is my hero for heeding the call
Of the hungry sick and those dying alone
Mother Wright is my hero. She pierced my heart
With an arrow for her love of the poorest of the poor

She is dead, now, I think. But she is in me forever and ever. I told her there would be a sculpture made of her and put in Old Man’s Park one day. I want to put that sculpture in the park in Oakland. She was a mixture of races, a mutt like all us.

She told me, “Honey, when ya doing this work, ya have to be careful. People want to give crap to the poor and they will not give crap to the poor while I’m alive. They will give the best. The poor are the best and they deserve the best.”

She had a calling to go to the site of the Oklahoma bombing. She went to the hospital and walked up and down isles, sitting by the beds of families who lost children and loved ones. Mother Wright sat by them held them in her arms and cried with them. She was a tiny woman. She was a saint and not one church ever opened their doors to help her, ever, not one. Even her kids didn’t know they had a saint as a mother. But you never know your own people near you, who they really are.

Joan, she was as much a saint just like Mother Teresa. In the next life, Mary Ann Wright will have any slot on this planet or any planet.

Judy Joy Jones

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