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The Little Things

This week began during my morning constitution on Sunday with the thought that it is the little things that make a life. It is the little things that you appreciate that makes life worth living. The little things stitched together to create a quilt of experiences that make me smile, wonder, question, hold on, and think.

A spark of fire can create a bonfire. Many people in California are experience the trauma of fires. They lost their homes and their lives. That raging, romping fire began with a spark.

A tree begins with a seed and, over time, that seed grew into a magnificent tree that gives fruit, shade, and is a vision to behold.

A kind word, a small donation, a thoughtful deed can help people in distress. Yet, a small error in thinking puts people out of their home and on the street. Children should live in a home. A small effort on the part of humanity as a whole can solve the homeless problem. It takes a small thought, a small effort, a small group to make some change.

What will we do to spark a revolution for change, plant the seed for change, and make a small effort to end homelessness and poverty?



1Homeless people are 2% or 150 million people of the population on Earth and ___% in the USA. Reportedly, in 10 US cities, 400,000 families live in shelters representing 1.1 million homeless children (Nunez & Fox, 1999).


January 2019, New York City reached yet another dismal milestone in the history of modern mass homelessness: An all-time record 63,839 men, women, and children slept in shelters each night. The new peak was fueled by a dramatic increase in the number of homeless single adults – a figure that has been growing by an average of 10 percent per year since Mayor de Blasio took office. The number of single adults in shelters has more than doubled in the past decade, and exceeded 18,000 individuals for the first time in January 2019, while the number of homeless families has soared from 9,600 to more than 15,000 during the same period (Source).




A report from the Department of Housing and Urban Development has found that just under 553,000 people are homeless, with approximately 65% staying in sheltered accommodation. Out of every 10,000 people in the United States, 17 people experienced homelessness on a single night in 2018 (Source).


Nunez, R., & Fox, C. (1999). A Snapshot of Family Homelessness across America. Political Science Quarterly, 114(2), 289-307. doi:10.2307/2657740

More sources:

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Interpreting Elisabeth Haich Part 3

mamayah6-7pm9-13This is the third part in a series of Talks with Mamayah El about the book Initiation by Elisabeth Haich on Truth Unconpromeyezed Media Network




Chapter 16: Things are never bad; it’s the way you think about them. ~ Epictetus

Mother Earth is at the spa! Steam and water treatments everywhere. We survived the high winds and rain of Irma. Lights were out for 36 hours. All is well, now. Peace on Earth.  The survivors of Hurricanes Katrina, Harvey, and Irma may beg to differ in:

  • New Orleans, LA
  • Houston, TX
  • Barbuda
  • St. Maarten
  • The Virgin Islands
  • Florida Keys
  • Naples, FL
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Georgia

Then, there was the 8.2 earthquake in the south of Mexico, coupled with monstrous flooding in Sierra Leone and India that took the lives of thousands.

Elisabeth Haich explained the importance of quieting the mind and living where you are.

  • Contemplation
  • Meditation
  • Remembrance
  • Molecules, nothing is solid
  • Silver cord from our solar plexus
  • Psychic vampires vs. lightworkers
  • Energy, vibration, frequency
  • Life-Death continuum
  • Protection
  • Will power, free choice
  • Positive vs negative
  • Appreciate what you have
  • Self-determination
  • Divine beings
  • Giving or taking
  • Thoughts create words and actions
  • False prophets, preachers who misguide
  • Self-observation vs. judgment of others
  • Reincarnation

Caliph spoke on activating the pineal gland, the Merkabah in the last 5 minutes of this program: Interpreting Elisabeth Haich Part 3

What will September 23rd bring to Planet Earth?


Mamayah will return on September 27 @ 7 p.m.


I love you!

have I told you I love you - famous letter - momayah el From GaiaMind Poems


Joan Cartwright

I AM Blessed

Chalet viewThank you

This is a blessed day

I am blessed

I receive my blessings and grow to a new level of appreciation

The more I appreciate the broader my vista for appreciation opens

~ Diva JC



This gets my vote for best vision suggestion of 2014!
Be sure to click link at end to AGREE!
The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Strength

We envision ourselves living in a world where people everywhere have evolved out of their gullibility; where we can feel, in our body, when someone is lying to us; and where we know, in our heart, whether someone else has our best interests in mind when they are trying to persuade us to do what they want us to do.

We see a world full of happy people because we have finally and fully seen through all the methods and manners of human suggestibility; where we are no longer susceptible to the power of suggestion; and where the power of suggestion is no longer consciously used in any situation, anywhere, ever – unless it serves the highest and best good of everyone concerned.

Subsequently, all subliminal advertising, devious sales techniques, patriotic propaganda, false statistics, and fear mongering have been seen for what they truly are: efforts to do unto others as one would not want done unto themself. Now we live in a world where we can easily spot those who would play on our weaknesses because we have found our strength. We see through the motivations of those who would be predators, pirates or parasites, and we are untouched by their trickery because our gullibility has been replaced by our ability to know the truth.

I Align with this Vision!

Home, Again!

It’s been 7 years, since I lived in Georgia. Now, on my daughter’s birthday, I am celebrating LIFE with my family in our family estate. I am wishing all of my family members and friends a peaceful end to 2013.



Keep your dream close to your heart and your mind will know the answer.

While your soul plays the chords, your imagination can be the dancer.

~ Diva JC




Sheridan Street


is defined as modernization, restoration, redecoration, refurbishment, revamping,
makeover, reconditioning, rehabilitation, overhauling, repair,
rebuilding, redevelopment, reconstruction, remodeling, updating,
improvement, upgrading, and refitting.

So, when I had a financial upheaval in January 2013, I was forced to vacate my premises, where I resided for six years.  I had three move-in options that all dissipated, one by one, leaving me homeless, that is, without a place to move my belongings.  By providence, my friend MG, who was helping me move, had a vacant room in her townhouse.  She said, immediately, “put your things in storage and move in with me for a while.”

This was music to my ears, at that moment, on February 13, because I had no idea what to do. I was in the middle of my own personal perfect storm, wondering how I could survive.  There was my friend of 20 years, offering her love, support, home, and comfort.  I had a little money, so the storage unit, truck rental, and movers were paid for.  However, I didn’t have a job or enough money to pay to move into a place, by the end of February.  Fortunately, my car was paid off, so I had reliable transportation. But how long could I stay there with her?

The best laid plans of mice, men, and Joan! Whew!

Turns out the Universe had a plan for me that was far better than my plan.  I stayed with my friend in her townhouse, located 1.5 miles from Hollywood Beach, Florida, for six months, which was probably five months longer than she or I anticipated.  We grocery shopped together, drank good wine and ate good meals together, and watched movies on her widescreen TV.

My room was comfortable and there was WiFi, so I could complete my PhD course assignments and do the work I do for my non-profit.  I didn’t really know where I was going to wind up but I kept a positive outlook and when I thought about being depressed, my friend reminded me of the blessings I had.  So, I sucked up my tears and thought about how fortunate I am to have a good friend like her and a cool place to live in the hot Florida sun.

Just to rewind, 10 years earlier, I was engaged in renovating four homes, two in Florida and two in Georgia.  I had plenty of money in the bank and Home Depot was my store of choice.  Now, 10 years later, my bank account was nearly empty and I was sharing a home with a friend.  How things change in the course of life.

Never ever doubt the Universe!


In May, I was invited to attend a Women in Music conference in Italy.  I laughed because I had about $50 in the bank and the airline ticket alone was $1,600.   Lo and behold, my non-profit organization members and my friends donated $3.645 to my crowdfunding site at www.gofundme.com/jc-wimust and I was able to attend the WIMUST Conference from July 4-7, 2013, in Fiuggi, Italy!

Then, I continued on to the Umbria Jazz Festival in Perugia, where I met several friends, new and old.  Finally, I took the train up to Switzerland, where I attended the Montreux Jazz Festival, and stayed a week with my friend who owns Seehotel Baren, in Brienz. Wow! How about manifestation!  My seven days spent in Brienz were totally renewing and I got to visit with my dear friend Monique, who runs the hotel, after not seeing her for 18 years!


Upon my return to Florida, after 23 days of travel on planes, trains and in automobiles, I decided to renovate myself by cutting my hair.  I had been twisting my hair for about four years and it was definitely time for a cosmetic overhaul.  My cousin Paul Miller had a salon in Hollywood that I had never visited. So, I returned on Saturday, and went to get a hair cut on Monday, which is usually a closed day for salons. But Paul’s was open and he did a great job because I got so many compliments from the moment I left his shop.


So, now it was time to get in gear to move out of my friend’s townhouse. But where would I go? I put the word out on Facebook and in email that I was in need of a new place to live.  BAM! Another friend sent me an email about a townhouse in Delray Beach, Florida, that would come available September 1, but I would have to share it with a young woman named Kat, who had a dog.  UGH! Dogs are not my favorite things.  But I needed to move. Still, I had not money, no job, and only a social security check that really wasn’t that much because I chose to take it early, at 62, since the government was screaming about cutting benefits and I didn’t want to lose all that I had paid into it, all my working life.

Ask and ye shall receive!

20130801_163201I took a ride 30 miles north to Delray Beach to see the place and fell in love with it, immediately.  The wheels in my head started turning to make manifest this opportunity.  I took photos of my room-to-be and the common areas Kat and I would share.  Still, with no money in the bank, I had to figure out how I would pay the deposit and first month’s rent.  I reverted to a child and went to my father, who agreed, immediately, to help me.  I had to borrow from two other friends to pay for the truck and storage unit I would need, since all of my belongings that occupied my two bedroom, two bath I lived in from 1997 to 2013, would not fit into the townhouse.  Up until the Saturday before the move on Sunday, I was $120 short. But my dear friend LH went to my bank and made that deposit that put me in the black.  I was on my way to Delray!

The final blessing of the move was my son’s best friend, Sean and his son Sean, Jr., who packed the truck from one storage unit in a way that my bedroom furniture and kitchen table and chairs and whatever small items I would need could go right into the townhouse, and the remainder could go to the storage unit up in Delray.  I was finally back in Palm Beach County, after living in Broward County for 28 years, with short intervals living in Atlanta, GA, with my daughter, in Shanghai, China, where I sang for three months, and in Europe, where I lived and toured from 1990 to 1998.  I had “returned home”, as my brother Carlton, said.


Back in 2009, I was inspired to write a blog on Reinventing My Artistry.  As all in nature renews itself, so must we humans refresh, reboot, re-energize, and recognize that we are ever evolving.  I AM happy to know that my life is under renovation and that I AM moving toward my new selfhood.

One Final Note

Today, I took the opportunity to interest a dear friend in purchasing some of the art I had, since I owned Motherland Bridge Gallery back in 2001, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  She took three pieces and helped me move five larger pieces to a consignment shop, where they were received, graciously. Trustfully, they will sell and give me enough money to repay my Dad and be a little further ahead, financially.

Feeling Good!



With Joan CartwrightSteve MooreMichael A. McFadden & Urban Light!!

I’ve been listening to this video for the past two days.  It’s a reminder to LOVE and FEEL GOOD!

When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you!” ~ Lao Tzu

Since I recorded my debut CD “Feelin’ Good” (1995), I’ve know how powerful the thought of feeling good and reminding others to feel good really is.

I’ve sold thousands of this CD and even children remind me how good it makes them feel.
Feelin’ Good by Joan Cartwright (1995)

Also, in the 1990s, I determined that I AM the Grateful Goddess.

Grateful Goddess Joan

I AM Grateful for Life to learn lessons
My soul yearns to experience
I AM Grateful for Love that leads me in Divine Spirit
I AM Grateful for Joy of a new day
I AM Grateful for eyes to see beauty
I AM Grateful for ears to hear birds
I AM Grateful for Others who follow and lead
I AM Grateful for Work and Strength
I AM Grateful for Knowledge
I AM Grateful for a seeking Heart
I AM Grateful for Rage. It makes me think
It makes me act, react and ponder
I AM Grateful for technology that lets me say
I AM the Grateful Goddess!

Then, I learned the difference between gratitude and appreciation. Gratitude is something to pay to something or someone outside of yourself, while appreciation is something you do from within about something or someone outside of yourself. The inward feeling is more fulfilling than the outward homage you pay.

I APPRECIATE © 2010 Diva Joan Cartwright

I Appreciate Life to learn lessons
My soul yearns to experience
I Appreciate Love that leads me in Divine Spirit
I Appreciate Joy of a new day
I Appreciate eyes to see beauty
I Appreciate ears to hear birds
I Appreciate Others who follow and lead
I Appreciate Work and Strength
I Appreciate Knowledge
I Appreciate a seeking Heart
I Appreciate Rage. It makes me think.
It makes me act, react and ponder
I Appreciate technology that lets me say
I AM the Appreciative Goddess!

Years ago, I determined that “The lack of money is the root of all evil!”
Last night, I dreamt that I won the lottery.
This morning, I texted the number I dreamed $4,581 to my friend who plays the Florida lottery, often, and I played the Cash4 and Cash3 (481) in the Georgia lottery. I now give love and feel good about money. I see all my past due bills paid in full. I see my bank accounts full with two commas. I see my dream home on several acres in a beautiful setting with flora everywhere (and very little pollen!). I see two beautiful cars, a helicopter to deliver me wherever I need to be, speedily. I see my name on marquis around the world.

I am ever appreciative for living my purpose and fulfilling the dreams I’ve dreamt since I was a child. I see my children living in comfort and joy with their children and spouses. I AM so happy, every day. I am loving and loved. I AM at peace with the world and all the people in my sphere.

Diva JC


It is during times of distress, duress, and trauma that you learn who your true friends are.  You can have an idea of who they are during good times. But it’s the hard times that truly reveal who the people are that really care about you.

When I determined that it was time for me to downsize, despite the warnings friends gave me nearly three years ago, I was traumatized for a few reasons. First and foremost, I had to move away from the lake that gave me such solace for six beautiful years.

Then, there was the realization that I had too much STUFF! It was overwhelming. That’s when my first friend stepped up to the plate. Sherry Rudolph operates a business, Legally Clean. She pitched in and packed all my books, CDs, and the kitchen! She even brought one of her workers to help pack up the dishes, pots, pans, utensils, and packaged goods. Sherry came twice and her help was invaluable!

Then, my realtor friend Lisa took me out to look at apartments. Even though I didn’t take any of them for one reason or another, Lisa referred me to the guy who packed the truck up. Tyrone brought his sidekick Randy and they did a really fast job of getting everything into the truck, with the exception of a few odds and ends that they fit into their pick-up truck.

The real distress came when the apartment I was to move into suddenly became unavailable because it was on the 5th floor and of the two elevators in the building, only one was operable. Security told us we could move the bed and a bookcase up in the available elevator but we had to carry everything else up the stairs. Well THAT was not going to happen. So, I was forced to decide whether to put everything in storage or leave it in the truck (at $44 plus per day), until I found another apartment.

On top of all of that, I missed the entrance into the storage facility, kept on driving with Tyrone in the pickup and my dear friend Marika in her jeep following me.  I turned into a Shell station, saw I had room to maneuver the truck through the station back on to the street to get back to the storage unit.  Only problem was that I miss calculated about one foot and tore the fender off or a woman’s car parked at the pump.

Let’s talk about trauma! Luckily, I took the U-Haul insurance @ $14 per day and the lady nor her passenger were hurt. The time we spent reporting the accident to the insurance company really took its toll on our little caravan. So, I decided to drive the truck from Hollywood to Wilton Manors, where I thought I could get a storage unit to unload the truck. But U-Haul’s storage unit was very expensive and the one free month came after I paid $189 plus tax. Turns out I left my stuff in the truck for four more days, for a total of five days @ $44 plus another $95 that I didn’t know I would have to pay for the dollies and furniture pads that we never used but someone (who, who, who) broke the seal and so I got to pay $25 just for the unused pads! and $14 a day for the two dollies (sheeeeeeeeeeeesh)!

Anyway, Marika saw that I was simply overwhelmed and offered her extra room to me. I spent the night there and the next day, I went to see an apartment in a senior complex owned by the friend of another friend of mine, Carolyn.  This place was tiny but very clean and fully furnished. At first, I thought I could just move my bed and a few pieces of my furniture in there but after some more thought, I decided to take it furnished and leave my stuff in storage. However, when I left that complex, my car decided she was going to be sick. Oh, nooooo, that just wouldn’t do.

So, my son, Michael suggested that I just stay with Marika, help her out financially, get my car fixed, and leave my stuff in storage until I find the place I really want to live in.  Then, Marika shouted out, “I could use a roommate!” That sealed the deal! So, I had two storage units, until my dear friend Jus’ Cynthia accompanied me up to the smaller unit, yesterday morning, to consolidate all of my stuff in the larger unit down in Hollywood. That done, now I just have to seek a nice, clean, modern, apartment that will contain my stuff and not cost me the arm and leg my old apartment was costing me. I’m downsizing from $1,256 a month to around $800-900 a month. I feel better already.

Now, I’m living comfortably with Marika and plan to move into my own place by May 1. What has happened is that, after living in Fort Lauderdale (the third leg of the Bermuda Triangle), since 1985, I’ve decided that I like Hollywood and will be looking for a place here. It’s 10 miles closer to Miami, where I’m contracted to do a play “It Ain’t Nothin’ But The Blues” with the M Ensemble. The play opens April 6-21, and rehearsal began February 25. So, for the next two months, I need to be closer to Miami. The downside is that I’m 10 miles further away from my father (93), who lives in West Palm Beach. Oh, well, there’s always an upside and a downside.

In the meantime, I’m not homeless and I feel very loved. That’s what’s important in life! and friends make that possible. Marika insisted that I keep a positive outlook. When I said “I’m homeless,” she said, “No you’re not!” She took me to her mechanic, who fixed my car in one day and didn’t overcharge me. Having my car repaired really took a load off of my mind.

I can get by with a little help from my friends! And the love from my family is so appreciated. My father, brother, son, daughter, and grandchildren all expressed good wishes for my safety and comfort.

Thank you and much love!
Diva JC

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