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The Little Things

This week began during my morning constitution on Sunday with the thought that it is the little things that make a life. It is the little things that you appreciate that makes life worth living. The little things stitched together to create a quilt of experiences that make me smile, wonder, question, hold on, and think.

A spark of fire can create a bonfire. Many people in California are experience the trauma of fires. They lost their homes and their lives. That raging, romping fire began with a spark.

A tree begins with a seed and, over time, that seed grew into a magnificent tree that gives fruit, shade, and is a vision to behold.

A kind word, a small donation, a thoughtful deed can help people in distress. Yet, a small error in thinking puts people out of their home and on the street. Children should live in a home. A small effort on the part of humanity as a whole can solve the homeless problem. It takes a small thought, a small effort, a small group to make some change.

What will we do to spark a revolution for change, plant the seed for change, and make a small effort to end homelessness and poverty?



1Homeless people are 2% or 150 million people of the population on Earth and ___% in the USA. Reportedly, in 10 US cities, 400,000 families live in shelters representing 1.1 million homeless children (Nunez & Fox, 1999).


January 2019, New York City reached yet another dismal milestone in the history of modern mass homelessness: An all-time record 63,839 men, women, and children slept in shelters each night. The new peak was fueled by a dramatic increase in the number of homeless single adults – a figure that has been growing by an average of 10 percent per year since Mayor de Blasio took office. The number of single adults in shelters has more than doubled in the past decade, and exceeded 18,000 individuals for the first time in January 2019, while the number of homeless families has soared from 9,600 to more than 15,000 during the same period (Source).




A report from the Department of Housing and Urban Development has found that just under 553,000 people are homeless, with approximately 65% staying in sheltered accommodation. Out of every 10,000 people in the United States, 17 people experienced homelessness on a single night in 2018 (Source).


Nunez, R., & Fox, C. (1999). A Snapshot of Family Homelessness across America. Political Science Quarterly, 114(2), 289-307. doi:10.2307/2657740

More sources:

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I love you!

have I told you I love you - famous letter - momayah el From GaiaMind Poems


Joan Cartwright

I AM Blessed

Chalet viewThank you

This is a blessed day

I am blessed

I receive my blessings and grow to a new level of appreciation

The more I appreciate the broader my vista for appreciation opens

~ Diva JC


Counting Blessings

jc-etna-eruptsCounting Blessings

By Joan Cartwright

Clean towels, clean sheets

Good bread, good meat

Warm clothing, warm feet

Shelter and heat

Not homeless, not poor

Not hungry, not sore

Not sad, not a bore

Not lonesome, not bored

Just thankful, full of grace

In a really good place

With a smile on my face

Feeling blessed in this space


This gets my vote for best vision suggestion of 2014!
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The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Strength

We envision ourselves living in a world where people everywhere have evolved out of their gullibility; where we can feel, in our body, when someone is lying to us; and where we know, in our heart, whether someone else has our best interests in mind when they are trying to persuade us to do what they want us to do.

We see a world full of happy people because we have finally and fully seen through all the methods and manners of human suggestibility; where we are no longer susceptible to the power of suggestion; and where the power of suggestion is no longer consciously used in any situation, anywhere, ever – unless it serves the highest and best good of everyone concerned.

Subsequently, all subliminal advertising, devious sales techniques, patriotic propaganda, false statistics, and fear mongering have been seen for what they truly are: efforts to do unto others as one would not want done unto themself. Now we live in a world where we can easily spot those who would play on our weaknesses because we have found our strength. We see through the motivations of those who would be predators, pirates or parasites, and we are untouched by their trickery because our gullibility has been replaced by our ability to know the truth.

I Align with this Vision!

Home, Again!

It’s been 7 years, since I lived in Georgia. Now, on my daughter’s birthday, I am celebrating LIFE with my family in our family estate. I am wishing all of my family members and friends a peaceful end to 2013.



Keep your dream close to your heart and your mind will know the answer.

While your soul plays the chords, your imagination can be the dancer.

~ Diva JC



Feeling Good!



With Joan CartwrightSteve MooreMichael A. McFadden & Urban Light!!

I’ve been listening to this video for the past two days.  It’s a reminder to LOVE and FEEL GOOD!

When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you!” ~ Lao Tzu

Since I recorded my debut CD “Feelin’ Good” (1995), I’ve know how powerful the thought of feeling good and reminding others to feel good really is.

I’ve sold thousands of this CD and even children remind me how good it makes them feel.
Feelin’ Good by Joan Cartwright (1995)

Also, in the 1990s, I determined that I AM the Grateful Goddess.

Grateful Goddess Joan

I AM Grateful for Life to learn lessons
My soul yearns to experience
I AM Grateful for Love that leads me in Divine Spirit
I AM Grateful for Joy of a new day
I AM Grateful for eyes to see beauty
I AM Grateful for ears to hear birds
I AM Grateful for Others who follow and lead
I AM Grateful for Work and Strength
I AM Grateful for Knowledge
I AM Grateful for a seeking Heart
I AM Grateful for Rage. It makes me think
It makes me act, react and ponder
I AM Grateful for technology that lets me say
I AM the Grateful Goddess!

Then, I learned the difference between gratitude and appreciation. Gratitude is something to pay to something or someone outside of yourself, while appreciation is something you do from within about something or someone outside of yourself. The inward feeling is more fulfilling than the outward homage you pay.

I APPRECIATE © 2010 Diva Joan Cartwright

I Appreciate Life to learn lessons
My soul yearns to experience
I Appreciate Love that leads me in Divine Spirit
I Appreciate Joy of a new day
I Appreciate eyes to see beauty
I Appreciate ears to hear birds
I Appreciate Others who follow and lead
I Appreciate Work and Strength
I Appreciate Knowledge
I Appreciate a seeking Heart
I Appreciate Rage. It makes me think.
It makes me act, react and ponder
I Appreciate technology that lets me say
I AM the Appreciative Goddess!

Years ago, I determined that “The lack of money is the root of all evil!”
Last night, I dreamt that I won the lottery.
This morning, I texted the number I dreamed $4,581 to my friend who plays the Florida lottery, often, and I played the Cash4 and Cash3 (481) in the Georgia lottery. I now give love and feel good about money. I see all my past due bills paid in full. I see my bank accounts full with two commas. I see my dream home on several acres in a beautiful setting with flora everywhere (and very little pollen!). I see two beautiful cars, a helicopter to deliver me wherever I need to be, speedily. I see my name on marquis around the world.

I am ever appreciative for living my purpose and fulfilling the dreams I’ve dreamt since I was a child. I see my children living in comfort and joy with their children and spouses. I AM so happy, every day. I am loving and loved. I AM at peace with the world and all the people in my sphere.

Diva JC

The Goddess Principle


  1. Why is it more comfortable to create Gods and Goddesses than to honor our own Divinity?
  2. Why do people prefer to not take responsible for being God?
  3. Is it easier to assign power to someone outside of ourselves than to tap into our own inner power and project light and love outward to our fellow human beings?

I have asked myself these questions for over 40 years.  I have contemplated my own divinity and come to the conclusion that the breath within me is the Goddess Principle that I must connect with on an hourly and daily basis.  I conclude that it is folly to expect anyone else to be responsible for my life, which was given to me for a purpose.  Determining that purpose is my mission.

The survivors of all catastrophe on Earth have a duty to themselves to go within, forget outward things and circumstances, and connect with their inner power.  Humans tend to project their fear onto the outer world.  They blame everyone else but themselves for what is happening to them, personally.

  1. Do human beings make the weather?
  2. What if they really do?
  3. What must they do to eliminate catastrophe?

This morning, on the news, I saw a woman in Staten Island whose house was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy saying, “This can never be repaired.”  She was pointing to a thing not realizing that she still had life and things have nothing to do with her survival and existence.

How can we impart this knowledge to people who focus on things rather than life itself?

I remember, in the 1980s, when a boyfriend set my house on fire.  For three weeks following the fire, I lay in bed at my friend’s house, crying and lamenting the loss of all of my belongings.  I was depressed about losing things but most of all, I was distraught that someone would do this kind of thing to me.

What had I done to deserve this?

In months and years to follow, I reckoned that I had learned an invaluable lesson:  the loss of things cannot be compared to my life.  I stood on the principle that I AM THAT, I AM.  I still had breath.  Blood still flowed through my veins and now, 30 years, later, I am a happy, well-adjusted woman who is focused on the Goddess within me.

No man, woman or child can sway me to believe anything other than I AM a Divine Being having a Human experience.  It is my duty to send LIGHT and LOVE to the survivors of all catastrophes in the recent past – Northeast United States, Japan, the Middle East, etc.

When people awaken to their True Divine Selves, the planet will heal.  Until then, nature will continue to put people in the position of discomfort.  All power of the Universe is in the hearts and minds of people.  Tell the person next to you to go inside and find that place of love, light, and power that can change the world!

Being Human

In response to Facebook complaints that the media ignored certain parts of the Northeast in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I wrote:Mother Nature is really bigger than our lives. MEDIA is NOT capable of being the ALL-Seeing EYE. You MUST go WITHIN and send LIGHT & LOVE to all the survivors. Remember not to make them VICTIMS in your mind’s eye. See them as SURVIVORS.

NOW is the time for HUMANS to use their UNIVERSAL DIVINE POWER to uplift their fellow humans. Use positive thought and speech. It really works, if you let it.

We MUST understand that we are SPIRITS having a HUMAN experience, not the other way around. Caught up in the material (and I AM no different), we MUST understand that our spiritual power is heretofore untapped. Let’s turn our inner eye to the spiritual power we have. Let’s send thoughts of light & love to all the people on the planet that are in survival mode. Whether we caused Global Warming or changing climates is just a natural occurrence, we HUMANS have untapped power and NOW IS THE TIME to tap!!! Tap, tap, tap!!! Call on your MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE to ease the pain. It works!

What others think:

I AM a Being of Violet Fire.  I AM the purity God desires.

Sonia Choquette said, “Human Beings operate on a 5-sensory or 6-sensory experience.”

Bruce Lipton believes we control our health and life with our thoughts. You select and modify the genes to create your lifestyle.  We can create a better world! But our old belief systems must be destroyed, first.

Mind Your Reality!

Most naive, gullible, mind-controlled Americans deeply asleep in their induced cognitive dissonance will scoff and jeer at the mere mention of the idea that massively destructive storms such as Hurricane Sandy can not only be CREATED, but can be magnified and its path of destruction actually directed at will.  [Source]

The 70′s United Nations Treaty on Weather Modification techniques and deployment. [Source]

Read the full text of the UN_1976_Weather_Weapon_Treaty here.

FACT or FICTION? 1997 prediction of Hurricane Sandy

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