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Dreams are showing us that we are moving up higher to higher levels of consciousness.

The establishment is putting black men on top so we cannot scream “racism”. Mamayah’s dream showed black men infecting people with herpes. Sistar Myrah said this is the new racism because black men are infecting black women.

Movie: Children of Men nobody can have babies except this black woman, who everyone is trying to get her safely to a ship. The black man turned against her, trying to use the baby for his own purposes, while the white man rescued her. The black man died.

 Celah Eliana: In the dream I’m looking at property, dirt, on this street there are beautiful houses. No trees, just soil. No roads and I don’t know how to get out of there. A few black people but most people are white. I had the dream twice. Everyone is searching for a home. “How do you get out of here. I don’t see any roads in or out.” No trees, plants, animals, nothing.

Interesting take on the movie Children of Men

Sistar Myrah said there is no fertility. It is a very sterile environment. Lots of material things but no spiritual riches. So, Celah Eliana is not satisfied. She said there is beautiful blue water, wider than a canal. But no roadway in or out but lots of hills. Sistar Myrah sees this as a status dream. You’re on a high status, when it comes to material things and rewards but this is why you don’t see a lot of black people.

Celah Eliana said “How did you get in or out. But the people are saying why do you want to get out?”

Jimmy Hendrix “All Along The Watchtower”

Myrah said the high status shows that they’re not letting anyone in. It’s a privilege to be living with this type of wealth or well-being. If you’re not already prosperous, you wouldn’t be there. Celah Eliana said that’s why you only see very few black people.

Dr. Henderson said that we are in Armageddon, now. Celah Eliana said there are posts that said Armageddon was over 1950 years ago, during the Roman Empire.

Sistar Myrah said we’re in the throes of it now. Elevating is what we’re doing. We’re in the throes of transformation. Obama’s past minister Reverend Wright said our god and their god is not the same. They may already have been in it because their rise and fall has happened. But ours is just beginning.

This is why women have to come to the forefront. Men bring the information to the table. Women serve it up. Men want to keep debating and beating a dead horse. Let the women activate the transformation by utilizing what we know, now. Men don’t want to pass the baton. “I know more than you know. I can challenge what you have to say.” That’s when it becomes abusive.

Sistar Myrah is bored with men. They’ve served their roll. Let’s stop arguing over facts. It’s not enough to believe, anymore, we must KNOW and that’s the woman’s role. Especially the Moors. Noble Drew Ali and Myrah have the same birthday – January 8. She feels his kinship. She believes black people are in the throes of Armageddon. We were the beginning. We are the most ancient and we’re at wrap-up time, right now.


MAMA turn all negative activity around. ~ Mamayah El (5:55)

We, the daughters of Earth, the Crones, that have been inspired in the spirit of compassion for the well-being of our ancient cosmic family are gathered to understand why you’ve connected this trio. Please demonstrate the magic of the power you have made available to us in service to the protection of our universal ancient family. Empower our ability and capability and aid our way as validation with the authority of our common purpose. We are one in the best interests of our family of antiquity in your essence as ancient of ancients. ~ SiStar Myrah.

MAMA please allow this trinity of women to naturally raise upright our fallen sisters to elevate them to their true celestial level in mind and spiritual substance. ~ Celah Eliana Bey

Ase, ase, ase!


Guardian Angels

parking angelFirst, there is the parking angel that always makes sure I have a safe, convenient place to park on a daily basis.

traffic angelThen, there is the traffic angel that assures that there is no traffic when I need to make a turn.

Finally, there’s the gas angel that grants me money to buy gas whenever I have somewhere to go.gas angel

Now, I want to acknowledge these angels and let them know that their assistance is recognized and appreciated!

Diva JC

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