Divine Connection Church

DESTINY = Spirit in Word and Deed!

1 Diva JC


  1. I wish for peace and abundance on Earth for my family and humanity-at-large, responding humanely to all.

  2. I wish that all of my endeavors – my music, books, lectures, grant proposals, concerts, contracts, etc. – bring joy to and out of others, keeping prosperity ever in my conscious understanding and experience, with multiple streams of income at rapid flow. As I live the life I am designed to live with good health, peace, joy, happiness, wisdom, temperance, humility, understanding, abundance, faith, fairness, financial independence, security, prosperity, growth, progress, purpose, and adherence to the mission of promoting women musicians, globally, I continue to bring the best of jazz and blues, wherever I am contracted, and get paid fabulously well to do so.

  3. I wish to be open, discerning and receptive to my guides, all the angels surrounding me in the spirit and physical worlds, so I AM a beacon of light for others seeking the LIGHTED Path.

Diva JC

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