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2 Enlightenment

One thought on “2 Enlightenment

  1. The Magic Presence by Chanera

    “I AM” the Presence, the Eternal One,
    “I AM” the God-Source – the Great Central Sun;
    “I AM” the Love-Breath, the Heartbeat of Light,
    “I AM” the Power in Wisdom and Might.
    “I AM” the Seer, the All-Seeing Eye,
    “I AM” the sunlight, the earth, and they sky;
    “I AM” the mountain, the ocean, the stream,
    “I AM” the quiver in morning’s bright gleam.
    “I AM” the Blessing in Angels and Love,
    “I AM” the Life, flowing in, ’round, above;
    “I AM” the Glory all had once in Me,
    “I AM” the Light Rays that set mankind Free!
    “I AM” the One Heart that hears every Call,
    “I AM” the Legion of Light answering all;
    “I AM” the Scepter of Light’s Loving Power,
    “I AM” the Master, each moment, each hour.
    “I AM” the Spheres, every song that they sing,
    “I AM” the Heart of Creation – Its swing;
    “I AM” all forms, never two quite the same,
    “I AM” the Essence, the Will, and the Flame!
    “I AM” Myself, all Beings, and You;
    “I AM” — “The Magic Presence” — the God-Self come through!

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