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God in Me

Mighty God in me, I face your Eternal Sunrise and receive its Mighty Radiance and Activity visibly manifest in my experience. ~ St. Germain

It’s SUNDAY and these words are plastered all around  my home and I state them each morning when I rise.  The challenge is to believe that God is in me and that the bright light of the sun is giving me radiance and grants me the grace of heavenly activity that manifests in my life all that I AM.

It’s difficult to know that God abides in me. Especially, when everyone around me believes that God is somewhere else. For millennia, people have lived from the theory of separation from God and others, when, in reality, we are all atoms of the Mighty Universe. We can never be separate from it, even in death, when we return to dust. I’m working daily to comprehend my body being a Temple of the Living Spirit and, as such, I’m capable of accomplishing anything I put my mind, body, soul and will to. Self-doubt is one obstacle that I must overcome.

Awakening the Goddess is even more of a challenge, since women have forfeited their power for centuries so that men could experience power. However, the turn of the century signaled to the planet that its Divine Feminine is ready, willing and able to rise to the occasion. There are hundreds of links online for the Goddess Awakening. Many high-powered men are awakening to the Divine Feminine within them.  They are able to express emotions that would have been impossible up until the year 2000.

As men awaken to their femininity, women are urged to dive deep into their Divine Feminine and exert the power that is latent within them.  So many agencies are in place to prevent and abolish the abuse of women.  Heads of state and Fortune 500 companies are beginning to engage powerful women in their institutions. Women, themselves are demanding the best for themselves and commanding attention around the world.  The ultimate goal is to exchange war for peace.

As the messenger of God, I visualize a world where war is an afterthought and men no longer need to kill each other over anything – family, friends, religion, land, money, fear, distress, ego, conquering, precious metals, oil, power or any other thing. The Divine Feminine is balancing harmoniously with the Divine Masculine and the Goddess takes her place besides the God we all pray to in order to open the doors of love, peace, joy, happiness and abundance for all of the aspects of God/Goddess/All That Is. Simply put, we are all willing Peace on Earth, now.

We desire peace. We expect peace. We believe in peace.

Diva JC

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