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12Talk on angels

Mama turns all negative activity around. Mama, we, the daughters of Earth, the Sweet Crone Trinity has been inspired in the spirit of compassion for the well-being of our ancient cosmic family to understand why you connected this trio to demonstrate the magic of your power to awaken and protect our universal ancient family.

Empower our ability with the authority of our common purpose. We are one in the best interests of our global family in your essence as ancient of ancients. Mama, please allow this trinity to naturally raise upright our fallen sisters to elevate them to their true celestial level in mind and spiritual substance. ~ The Sweet Crone Trinity – Mamayah El, SiStar Myrah, and Celah Eliana Bey.


ˈānjəl/ noun

  1. a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe. “God sent an angel to talk to Gideon”
  2. a person of exemplary conduct or virtue. “Women were then seen as angels or whores”

synonyms: saint, paragon of virtue; gemtreasuredarlingdear; informal star

“She’s an absolute angel”

Angels are sent with a message and mission from a loving God.

Do they exist?  Why?  How much freedom, authority, power? Can we trust them?

Let’s take a look. But before we do, let’s examine


Follow a path of Gratitude to loosen neck and shoulder muscles.

Begin by dropping shoulders to rest lightly below

your ears.  now gently allow the head to follow gravity’s pull,

falling to curve round, forming a center of gratitude.

Continue to release stored tension by flowing slowly, deeper into the spin ear drawing nearer the shoulder making a complete journey to meet full circle while mindfully stretching body to soul spirit to source self to now .

In order to honor balance bend your brain round this:

Reverse this exercise to draw a mirror image of Gratitude activating Alpha and Omega within. Repeat til you feel complete.

Go Gratitude!

A loose neck allows greater mobility for glimpsing present opportunities. Using Gratitude as a pattern Will align Self to notice, follow, and enjoy Divine promptings.

For your consideration:

What opportunities may be just out of view, accessible by stretching your mind-body-spirit-essence?

Relax and settle in to appreciate what views are now showing up for you.


Now, let’s look at the subject of today’s talk:

Angels are not there to be meddling fix-its, but our helpers in responding to the truth. A divine envoy may guide us in the way God wants us to go in a specific situation, sometimes  calling us to take a specific action. We can just blow them off, but people usually find themselves responding instantly with some amount of trust, comfort, or awe. Angels can celebrate and have joy, and presumably have other emotions as well. They don’t negotiate unless God tells them to. They don’t argue, either; they let God do the rebuking, like the archangel Michael did against Satan. By sticking to God’s given task instead of asserting themselves, they are good examples of humility. ~ Robert Longman


When a loved one transitions, I post this on their Facebook page.

Who are your angels?


Personally, I have a Gas Angel, a Parking Angel, and a Traffic Angel to whom I show appreciation every time I need gas, a parking space, or entrance into a thoroughfare.

What are you appreciative of?  What miracles have happened in your life?

List of Angels

See the movie The Abyss.

Hollow Earth


Opportunities Abound

What is opportunity?


Last week, on a very sunny day, I took the opportunity to walk to the beach for the first time since I moved into my friend’s townhouse.  I left at 10:35 a.m. and arrived at the beach at 11:18 a.m.  Wow! living this close to the beach is a real joy and such a great OPPORTUNITY!  Today, it’s pouring rain and had I not taken that walk, last week, I wouldn’t have the OPPORTUNITY to write this post.

All of my youth, I wondered should I regret having my children so young. My son Michael was born one month after my 16th birthday.  My daughter Michelle (Mimi) was born 16 days after my 18th birthday.  Regrets? Not at all because by the time I was 40, they were grown and out on their own.  My daughter had her first of two sons, when she was 18.  By 25, she had all three of her kids – Robert, Anthony, and Vernechia. And best of all, my second great grandson was born on April 11, 2013.  The first one, Jayvian is a total delight in my life and I know Zyan will be just as wonderful.



Having several girlfriends who decided early on not to have children, I realize the blessing it is to be a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.  Kids may not seem very important as they grown but when they do grow up and value you, it is a great opportunity to share very meaningful moments.  For several years, my granddaughter Vernechia, whom we call Muki, didn’t take to me. But when she turned 20, that changed and I so love our exchanges about life and just laughing with her, now.

My son’s daughter’s Maelle and Sophia are so delightful. It’s a wonderful opportunity to watch grandchildren grow into adults.  Since you never know  where your blessings will come from, I have to admit that I’m looking forward to the times when I will spend with them, when they get into their twenties.  As a youthful grandmother and provided long life is my destiny, like my sweet father who turns 94 on May 7th, I believe the best years are ahead of me, especially when it comes to my grandchildren and great grandchildren.


The most interesting thing about life is how opportunities present themselves through people you meet. Just this month, I’m been invited to:

  • A cruise on Royal Caribbean Majestic of the Seas out of Miami
  • The WIMUST Conference in July, in Fiuggi, Italy, for which I am raising funds for my flight, [Whoever puts me over $600, today, will get a FREE CD from WIJSF.  You may donate here: http://gofundme.com/jc-wimust]
  • The 7th Annual Distinctive Women in Hawaii History Program in August to sing and do a presentation about Billie Holiday, Dinah Washington, and the Andrew Sisters.

Each of these opportunities arose from meeting powerful women face-to-face or online.


I’m accessing all of these adventurous opportunities because sitting still never results in anything but stillness.

Then, I took the opportunity to create a graphic for my son, Michael’s new radio show at Lehman College. He likes it. I’m glad.


Also, I took the opportunity to take a leave of absence from my doctoral program that I started in May 2010.  After two years straight of doing papers and lots of reading, I’m going for the gusto in Italy and Hawaii and taking the summer off!!!  I’ll go back to my online studies on August 4th but it will be like a breath of fresh air to not have to read and write mounds of pages about research, business, and marketing!

Finally, on May 18, I will be in the cast of my daughter’s play WOMAN! THE MUSICAL for the second time, this year.


Yes, yes, yes, opportunities abound!!!

I AM the Grateful Goddess

Diva JC

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