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In My Garden

Spring’s effect manifested slightly different for me this year. My green thumb popped up and now I’m potting flowers, herbs, and veggies. Loving the interlude with nature.

flowerbench flowers flowerseedlings

Victory of Light

I AM calling out to My Mighty I AM Presence, the Divine Director, all the Ascended Masters, and Guardian Angels to help me design and call forth the re-appearance of the design of my Garden of Life, my Home of Light, exquisitely beautiful, filled with all the treasures that my kind deeds have done, have brought forth and given Life. I desire only the Perfection, the Blessings which I have given forth to remain in my Garden.

In the cleansing and purifying of my feeling world comes Beauty again to my Garden of Life. I have the key to unlock the Garden-gate. I enter in! and see, all unknown to me in this world of human limitations and turmoil, my Garden of Light.

In my Home of Light is the Perfecting Activity going on, preparing for the day when I AM able to say to all human creation – “No longer have you power to remain in my world. Be thou gone forever!”

20120408_134622In the fullness of the Consciousness of Victory, will all that has taken unpleasant form in my Garden, disappear and wither away – dissolving to appear no more.

My short labor is in pouring out Loving kindliness to everything, my associates, every place, thing or condition because Life responds to the outpouring of Divine Love and becomes the Victory of Light!

My Palace of Light

There shall I dwell forever in the Victory of Light!The Harmonies of Life shall find their expression in the Great Melodies of Life! They are Transcendent in Power of Achievement. We will find the Dominion of our Being in the Power of the Light Rays!

Reading from Ascended Master Light from the Great Cosmic Being Mighty Victory, p. 525-529.

I call into action and draw by my Conscious Call into the physical octave of Earth, the Full Cosmic Action of the  Cosmic Legions of the Angels of Victory to eradicate and prevent anything which would bring revolution into America, attempt to cause destruction within Her borders, or create hatred of part of Her people against others who belong here also.

I call the Cosmic Legions of the Angels of Cosmic Victory into my business, my home, my affairs,  and around my loved ones to show me that the Powers of Light never forget Their own!

I AM the Cosmic Action of the Cosmic Flame of Cosmic Love, of Cosmic Forgiveness, and Cosmic Victory!

In this hour of final adjustment, reveal what our Heart’s Love for the Light can draw to our beloved Nation in this hour of Her decision for the Final Freedom of Mankind so that Peace can be permanent on the Earth.

I accept the Power of Victory that is surrounding me.

The Beloved Goddess of Light is the Victory of Light.  We call on Her Power, the Manifestation of the Victory of Light by gathering more Light by our Conscious Acknowledgment of Light to bring the onrush that is Victory forever.

We call for the Cosmic Power of Victory from the Electronic Belt around the Physical Sun for an amplification in Its Cosmic Action of the Planet Venus.

Meditation for Manifestation

I call on My Mighty I AM Presence and to all the Great Individualized Centers of Cosmic Action of the Light and the Sacred Fire to start into action the Power of Victory for which I call with love and gratitude.

This call strikes into the Greater Wave of Power and begins its return Currents to you in whatever Magnitude is required to fulfill your Calls.

Reading from The I AM Discourses, p. 311-315.

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