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New Beginnings

Just as we have new opportunities at the start of every day, the possibilities loom large at the beginning of a new year.  Self-reflection is on the TOP of my list. Then, comes communion with my family and friends. Every day is  filled with doors closing and opening.  It’s which doors you choose to close and open that is important.


In 2014, I choose to close all the doors of boredom, stress, doubt, and fear and open all the doors to fresh ideas, gaining knowledge, and using wisdom.  Being kind and loving is my goal. Getting things and money is good but being happy is most important.  What do you think should be on your agenda for a fruitful and fulfilling year?

Let’s communicate with each other so we are clear about our needs and desires.


As a co-Creator with the Universe, the more I  see to appreciate, the more the Universe gives me to appreciate. It is MY outlook and vision that creates every experience in my life.  I can always change my mind.

During the course of a week, make a list of 100 things you appreciate. Your mind will then attract to you 100 more things that you can appreciate.

Here’s my list of 25 things I appreciate about my life, today:

  1. Good health
  2. Beautiful living quarters
  3. Great weather
  4. Loving children
  5. Loving brother and wife
  6. Loving father and wife
  7. Loving friends
  8. Purpose
  9. Faith
  10. Assurance
  11. Talent
  12. Clear mind
  13. Time to myself
  14. Entrepreneurialship
  15. Saturday Night Gig
  16. 10 published books
  17. Wonderful travel memories
  18. Press Book
  19. ABWA Award
  20. Quiet Storm Award
  21. Pea’ce Award
  22. Board membership in Lauderhill Sister Cities International
  23. The Atlantic Hotel sales department
  24. Android phone
  25. 182 members of WIJSF, Inc.

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