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A New Year


No, no, no.

I will not be patient with people who are whiny, needy, unconscious, and stupid.
I will not tolerate people who are thoughtless, overbearing, biased, and trifling.
I will not compromise my comfort, health, finances, or happiness to please others.

This is a New Year! I have a new outlook, a new perspective. People can only hassle you if you let them and, this year, I refuse to LET THEM hassle me.

I will live my life according to my wishes. I will enjoy every moment. I will not do anything I do not want to do just to make someone else happy. Yes, I care about people but I put ME first in every single situation. I have paid the price to choose this stance and I am going to keep this promise to ME.


It’s my turn. It’s ME TIME!

A New Year!

Diva JC


A Mother’s Reverie

Michelle, Michael & Joan

Michelle, Michael & Joan

A Mother’s Reverie

By Diva JC
He lay in my womb on New Year’s Eve
And was born on January 22nd
She was born on December 23rd
So I could go home on Christmas Day
And give her to him and did he play!

He revelled in her, while she slept
And that’s what she does, even today
Especially, if she sings or does many things
Three whole days in a row!

He now has two little ladies to mind
As he did his sister and me.
Michelle has grown three, two men and a girl
And Michael’s are 14 and 4 with a swirl!

Copyright 2011 Joan Cartwright

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