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Sound Creates

As a musician since a very early age, I have always believed that people could be healed with music. Today, there is an enormous amount of research and proof that this is true.

“This unnatural standard tuning frequency (440 hz), removed from the symmetry of sacred vibrations and overtones, has declared war on the subconscious mind of Western Man.” by L. C. Vincent (for henrymakow.com) [Source]

1most harmonic numbers

1pythagorean tuning

1solfeggio scale


Sound creates matter

1How to change your frequency

“You being you can change the world!” ~ Christie Sheldon

  1. You enlightened @ 700 can change 70 million people.
  2. You at peace @ 600 can change 10 million people.
  3. You being love and in joy @ 500 can change heal 750,000.



Being Light

west-emeraldlakeWhere I live looks pristine, right? Wrong!

With buzzing air conditioners, barking dogs, rushing traffic, and other sounds that attack the nervous system, it’s  challenging to remain calm and tune it all out.  This morning, I awoke out of a deep sleep to the sound of a grinding air conditioning unit outside my window.  I moved to the guest room and the same sound came throbbing, through the wall.  Rest broken, I arose, made a cup of coffee, took a video of the sound, posted it on Facebook, and resolved to be awake for the rest of the day.

This is after a week of listening to two dogs bark all day long, while their owners were at work.  Yes, I reported it to the rental office but as soon as they get one owner to stop putting their animal on the porch, overlooking a lake that serves as an echo chamber, another little beast’s owner decides that the porch is where the dog belongs. I cannot figure out for the life of me why people who are gone from home all day long think they need a dog at all.  It is unfair to the animal that has separation anxiety and I am the one who suffers because I work from home.

In light of these disturbances, I decided to write it out.  I need to keep my mind occupied so I don’t hear the traffic, the drone of the 12 air conditioning units outside my bedroom window, and the yapping of unhappy dogs.  Being in the light is a conscious decision.  Releasing the pain and suffering from the experiences of life is an everyday affair that takes strength and fortitude.

At the beginning of January, an associate of my daughter sat in his car and took his own life.  This news came on the heels of the death of two of my very close friends, who suffered with cancer for three years, each.  I’m wondering why we choose to live at all.  What is the purpose of life?

While we’re being human, that is, spiritual beings being human, it takes real effort to remember to be LIGHT,  to LIGHTEN up!  Don’t take yourself seriously.  Live in the world but don’t be of it.  But you are in the world.  You are of it.  You react to outside stimuli, whether you like it or not and complaining gets some things fixed, while other things that rake your nerves can never be avoided.

It’s a great world, except that people are in it.  Watching the news is depressing.  Listening to the troubles of others makes you see that you really don’t have any problems at all.  Yet, you can find something to complain about every minute of the day.  So, these questions present themselves:

  • How do I stay in the LIGHT?
  • Who has the answer?
  • When will I be released into the LIGHT?
  • Why am I so uncomfortable on Planet Earth?
  • What is the use and purpose of Life?
  • Will I ever understand the point of pain and suffering?
  • Is there an end to discomfort?
  • Is it even feasible to think that comfort can be obtained?
  • When do I get to be LIGHT?

Mystics, scholars, scientists, doctors, and laypeople have tossed these questions around for centuries.  Abraham-Hicks offers solutions dealing with staying in the vortex.  But in my vortex these disturbances exists.  I want to know how to get them out of my vortex.  No more droning air conditioners. No more yapping dogs.  No more screeching children.  No more motor sounds.

Now, can I eliminate these sounds from my life without committing suicide?

How can I envision a life without disturbing sounds?

Where on Earth are there soothing sounds that calm the heart and mind?


If the Law of Attraction has brought me to this place, where I cannot sleep in the night and am disturbed by noise in the daytime, what do I need to attract to change this experience?

I call on My Mighty I AM Presence and all my guardian angels to show me the answers that I need.

The difference between humans and beasts is discussed in this video


This is my meditation, today:

I exercise my choice to be happy.

Lift me up where I belong!

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