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Tornado Blues

Tornado Blues

Hundreds of homeless are in shock from the barrage of tornadoes that rained on Central Illinois. This news prompted me to appreciate that I have a room to sleep in tonight.

I appreciate the bed, the light, the window, the home that it is in. I appreciate the weather here, the cool weather in South Florida, where hurricanes have hit before but are not hitting like those Illinois Tornado Blues.

Homeless neighborhoods lay vacant from a one-minute gust of wind and people succumbed to the force of that wind on that day. Whisked away by a breeze the size of a building risen to devastate a century of lifestyles in recovery.

The last wave from a gust of wind that stretched from Illinois to Typhoon Haiyan in Central Philippines where thousands died from a gust of wind. Poof and they are ancestors driven out by a tidal wave that ripped the islands with The Typhoon Blues.

Oh, winds and rain in dark of night arresting all their belongings and kin. We can pray and that says we still have life to make anew all the dreams we thought we had made come true. Oh, Blues. The Tornado and Typhoon Blues. ~ Diva JC


Author Henry Mosquera  said “I find composing (composting?) a worthwhile thought in the span of 140 characters to be a mostly pointless exercise, the writerly equivalent of being sewn into a sleeping bag with a flashlight and the Dummy’s Guide to Semaphore.”

However, I’m sure some people tweeted words and images of what they were experiencing during the Illinois Tornadoes on November 17, 2013.


Being Human

In response to Facebook complaints that the media ignored certain parts of the Northeast in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, I wrote:Mother Nature is really bigger than our lives. MEDIA is NOT capable of being the ALL-Seeing EYE. You MUST go WITHIN and send LIGHT & LOVE to all the survivors. Remember not to make them VICTIMS in your mind’s eye. See them as SURVIVORS.

NOW is the time for HUMANS to use their UNIVERSAL DIVINE POWER to uplift their fellow humans. Use positive thought and speech. It really works, if you let it.

We MUST understand that we are SPIRITS having a HUMAN experience, not the other way around. Caught up in the material (and I AM no different), we MUST understand that our spiritual power is heretofore untapped. Let’s turn our inner eye to the spiritual power we have. Let’s send thoughts of light & love to all the people on the planet that are in survival mode. Whether we caused Global Warming or changing climates is just a natural occurrence, we HUMANS have untapped power and NOW IS THE TIME to tap!!! Tap, tap, tap!!! Call on your MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE to ease the pain. It works!

What others think:

I AM a Being of Violet Fire.  I AM the purity God desires.

Sonia Choquette said, “Human Beings operate on a 5-sensory or 6-sensory experience.”

Bruce Lipton believes we control our health and life with our thoughts. You select and modify the genes to create your lifestyle.  We can create a better world! But our old belief systems must be destroyed, first.

Mind Your Reality!

Most naive, gullible, mind-controlled Americans deeply asleep in their induced cognitive dissonance will scoff and jeer at the mere mention of the idea that massively destructive storms such as Hurricane Sandy can not only be CREATED, but can be magnified and its path of destruction actually directed at will.  [Source]

The 70′s United Nations Treaty on Weather Modification techniques and deployment. [Source]

Read the full text of the UN_1976_Weather_Weapon_Treaty here.

FACT or FICTION? 1997 prediction of Hurricane Sandy

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